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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

50's a hypocrite, and beef being squashed

For those of you that didn't hear, 50 tried to punk R. Kelly at a concert and said that he has nothing against R. Kelly but since he did a song with Ja Rule he was gonna go after him. In that case he shouldn't have any dealings with Scott Stortz, the producer of among other songs "Candy Shop" and the song with Jamie Foxx on his new album. Stortz, produced "Clap Back" from Ja Rule as well as some other songs of his. So if 50 says anyone affiliated in any way with Ja he's going after then what the fuck is that shit? 50's just being a hypocrite. He's gonna take production from Stortz after all this, that's bullshit.

Supposedly, there's supposed to be a press conference in NY today because they're supposed to squash the beef, I bet it's because Dre and Em sat 50 down and told him to stop acting like damn fool. Hopefully it's true because it's gonna be Pac/Biggie part II if it keeps escalating and I'd be 50'd be the first one shot with Game's connections with the bloods.

Don't know if it's getting much airtime on the radio but everyone needs to go listen to Cam'ron and Kanye West - Down. It's some more Kanye production that's on fire, although I don't really like Cam'ron he does a decent job on this track.


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