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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Combine thoughts

The NFL Combine started over the weekend and NFL channel has great coverage of it every night until Wednesday when it ends. Saturday started off with the OL and the RB's. David Baas looked very good as his bench numbers were solid as was his 5.02 40 time. He helped himself, I think he should be an early 2nd round pick, I would love for the Raiders to get him.

The news of Saturday was Maurice Clarett, who looked so good the first few days in interviews and looked more cut than last year went out and pretty much lost everything by running a 4.8 40 and then quitting the rest of the drills. Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams have both surpassed Cedric Benson and are the top 2 RB's in the draft. Brown and Williams looked very impressive in the footage that I saw. Ronnie ran 4.40 and then a 4.32, just ridiculous and at 233 lbs and can catch the ball, should be a lock at a top 10 pick. Some sleepers I want the Raiders to keep an eye on at the 2nd round if they decide to go RB, Vernand Morency from Oklahoma St and the guy that carried my college fantasy football team last year Ryan Moats from Louisiana Tech.

Sunday was a big day with RB's finishing up along with WR's. Braylon Edwards didn't work out but he didn't need to. The WR's ran a drill called the gauntlet which is fun to watch, each WR starts at one sideline facing one endzone and there are QB's on each side of him as he faces one, then they say ball and he jumps 180 to catch a ball from the first QB and then jumps again to catch from the other one. He then must sprint across the field catching balls that are coming from both sides and at the end is thrown one and must attempt to catch and keep 2 feet in bounds. The two Georgia WR's Reggie Brown and Fred Gibson looked pretty good and the sleeper of the bunch is Vincent Jackson a big 6'5" wideout from Northern Colorado. A kid from Hampton, forgot his name ran a blazing 40 that some coaches including Parcells reportedly, clocked at a 4.25 40 putting him in the Deion range, makes sense considering he was an All-American sprinter.

Didn't get to watch Monday's footage and will probably just skim through it since it is TE's and DL. Today is DE's and DB's so there's a lot to be seen. Marlin Jackson needs a good showing and by all reports he did running a 4.59 40 and 23 reps of 225 putting him at the top of the group. Reports say he looked very good in the drills as well so I hope his stock rises. I believe he can be a late 1st round pick but if he can be had in the 2nd he would be a steal. The Raiders may be in the market for a corner considering Woodson may be traded and if we're moving Woodson I'd love nothing more than to replace him with another Michigan Man.

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