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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Long Weekend

Pretty good weekend overall, just did a lot of hanging out and also moved back to the back house. Stayed up extremely late every night drinking or moving so my sleep patterns are all messed up. The Dunk Contest was pretty sweet and although I missed on both my picks, everyone knows that J.R. Smith should've been in the finals and not Amare "Let's get by on Steve Nash' soccer skills because I can only power dunk" Stoudamire. The dunks by Amare were cool but it was only because Steve Nash was also an unbelievable soccer player, on PTI they said that he was good enough to be on the Canadian national team. But I gotta give it up to Josh Smith, he had some dope shit, especially the one over KMart.

The All Star Game was pretty sweet highlighted by Vince off the backboard cocked back the whole way and also Kobe's oop to Amare who took it up and under. Went out after the game to Dave and Busters to hit up late night happy hour which ended way too early so we came back to my house and drank some more until 4 am.

Kansas lost twice, sweet, but Michigan lost again, damn it and DH is suspended for the rest of the year. Even the NIT is looking like it will be difficult to get into which is extremely disappointing when I looked at this year as being a Tourney year and some. Next year it is and there are no more excuses, everyone should be back and healthy ready to go along with 3, possibly but unlikely 4 freshmen coming in to provide definitely needed depth so we no longer have to see John Andrews and Dani Wohl playing in games except when we're up by 30 points.

Hockey did its job of sweeping Notre Dame and along with the Ohio State loss to Michigan State there is a 3 point gap going into the final weekend vs Bowling Green. I don't care which seed we get as long as we make it to Grand Rapids for the Regional. US College Hockey had us as a #2 seed in Minneapolis which I definitely do not want to see. Hockey is all we have left this year and hopefully they can bring home another NC for the trophy case.

On the recruiting front we picked up a commitment from Brandon Graham, the #1 LB in Michigan and one of the top in the country. He is a huge pickup from Detroit, since LB is definitely a position of need in this upcoming recruiting class. There's a lot of stuff that went on since Junior Day was last weekend. Justin Boren, an OL from Ohio whose dad played at Michigan, picked up an offer as well and hopefully he'll be the next on board, he had an offer from ohio state after his sophomore year but he is from a Michigan family hopefully it shouldn't be too hard to decide.

With the trade deadling being a day away the Lakers are very active and rumors are flying everywhere from Baron Davis to Rafer Alston, Donyell Marshall and also Carlos Boozer. Jack Haley leaked a story saying Boozer was coming for sure but that seems to have fallen apart. Only one day away and hopefully we make some moves, apparently Dr. Buss mandated the team improve now and they make the playoffs, although if we dont' make a move part of me would rather get the lottery pick and improve that way, if we could get lucky with a top 3 pick and end up snagging a Raymond Felton or Chris Paul that would be awesome to form a backcourt with Kobe. Hope we can swing a big trade and make some noise though.

Finally, Barry Bonds sucks, I can't stand that stupid mother fuckin son of a bitch. You see how small he got now that he's off the roids, not many people I hate more than Barry Bonds and to get on that list you've got to be a real shit head. I hate Barry Bonds and those stupid San Francisco Faggots, I can't wait to see him not do shit since he's off the roids.


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