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Friday, February 25, 2005

Trade Deadline

The trade deadline has come and gone and some big trades were made for once. None being bigger than CWebb going to Philly for garbage. I understand that they want Peja to be their guy and all but to trade away a 20-10 guy for absolutely nothing is just ludicrous. They didn't even end up saving that much in cap space or salary since the three players they took on have bad contracts. Double bonus for me since 1. it will make the Suckramento Queens worse and 2. Webber should kill the eastern conference putting up better fantasy stats for me.

Baron Davis is gone to Golden State, good trade for them, they needed a big name and didn't have to give up much to get him, although he is a risk due to injury. It's a risk I wish the Lakers would have taken but once again a deadline has come and gone with no changes. Stupid Jack Haley had to open his mouth and kill the Boozer trade, granted I don't like Boozer that much but he would have definitely solidified our lineup.

The Knicks definitely made some stupid moves, they took on more salary of shitty players and it makes no sense. Houston did pretty well with their smaller moves for role players. The big winner of the trading season goes to Philadelphia though, they pick up CWebb for nothing and then they unload Glenn Robinson and get Rodney Rogers along with Jamal Mashburn, although Mash is probably not gonna play again. The Spurs got a great deal picking up Nazr Mohammed for more depth at center and they haven't done anything to move them as the favorite to win the championship this year.

The ridiculous trade is courtesy of Boston and Atlanta which sends Antoine Walker back to Boston for Gary Payton, a couple fillers and a first round pick. Not only is it funny since Walker was hated in Boston and run out of town and is now back but that Gary Payton will have his contract bought out by the Hawks and he can go elsewhere. Initially I heard that it was going to be back to Boston but he could end up going to Minnesota or some other contender where he can have an impact and try to get his ring.

Michigan Basketball finally picked up a win after a long losing streak. Although the win was against Penn St, a win is a win. Hopefully we can close out the season on a winning streak and sneak into the NIT. Yes I know its sad that we're trying to sneak into the NIT but with all that's happened this year it's the best we can ask for.


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