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Monday, February 14, 2005

Weekend Wrap

Pretty good weekend overall, went to Heroe's for the first time in a while with Randy, BJ and Colin and drank beer for the first time in a month, but ended up eating too much and not even getting buzzed. Randy wanted to go to Commerce so we went, details in my Poker blog, not much just came back even after a couple hours and called it a night.

Saturday watched those damn sparties beat us again with our team of walk-on all stars. Dion played pretty well but aside from that, not much you can do when you've got 2 walk-ons on the court at the same time for much of the game. At least hockey swept their weekend series so we still have a one point lead over Ohio State for the CCHA lead. Hung out for a while then headed over to Hawaiian Gardens for a bit, solid session won a decent amount and headed home after two hours there, details on Poker blog.

Played golf with my parents on Sunday and halfway through the round this guy drives through because he's leaving his round early and I did a double take because he looked real familiar, then I realized who it was, NHL player Teemu Selanne, formerly of the Jets, Ducks and Sharks and now with the Avalanche. Came home and watched the Grammy's. Kanye got robbed, yes he did win 3 awards but he deserved more. Ray Charles was great and all but this last album of his wasn't. He just won with all those sympathy votes. It's all good though Kanye is gonna kill it with Late Registration, can't wait til that drops.


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