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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Starting to get hectic

Work's been pretty slow for the past few weeks, it was about time for it to pick up which it has in a big way this week. It sucks but at least it makes the days go by quicker. Where do we start from the weekend, Michigan basketball lost again badly, I can't wait til this season ends and we can get it done next year. The hockey team won, barely, over the U.S. National Development team 6-5, which has 5 players that will be suiting up for the Maize and Blue next year, hockey has its final weekend vs Bowling Green and can clinch the CCHA Regular season with one win or one Ohio State loss.

The Lakers look like garbage keep losing to awful teams such as the Knicks and the Raptors, not making a move looks like it definitely hurt us. I think I'd rather take my chances in the lottery this year because we need some help. If we make the playoffs our first round pick goes to Boston and we're only left with a 2nd, maybe 2 from another trade.

Shout out goes to the University of Pacific Tigers who helped me win my first sports bet in a while, thanks to Randy for giving me the tip, parlaying UOP and UNLV to win on Saturday. UOP looks real good and they seem to cover every time they play. March Madness is closing in and I still like Carolina, Illinois is a very good team but I don't think any team this day in age can go the entire season unbeaten but they could prove me wrong. I think Carolina has all it needs to go out and win it all, the only problem being Roy Williams could never win the big one but maybe going back to his alma mater with all that talent puts him over the top. Carolina-Duke on Sunday, 2nd best rivalry in all of college sports, probably 3rd overall in my opinion behind the Dodgers-Giants, Let's Go Heels, fuck those stupid dookies.


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