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Friday, February 25, 2005

Randy Moss A Raider...

Well it looks like Randy Moss is a Raider and I am pumped about it. The initial rumors we heard a couple months ago included Philip Buchanon who I did not want to lose and I really wanted to keep our #7 pick but now that it is only Napoleon Harris going along with #7 and a late pick I don't mind it as much. I would have loved to keep #7 to get a stud like Derrick Johnson or if we went WR, which I highly doubt b/c of the resigning of Porter, my boy Braylon Edwards but looking at it, it's a risk I'm glad to take. Granted Randy's got his off-field problems but maybe the change of scenery to Oakland will do him some good. The Raider Nation will embrace him and besides where else would he fit in than Oakland? All we need next is Ricky Williams to join him and we're set. A talent like Moss cannot be denied, when he is on, he is the best WR in the game and makes unbelievable plays.

People look at who is going to throw to him but Kerry Collins throws a great deep ball and Moss will definitely open up the lanes for Jerry Porter since everyone will be keying in on him. The Raiders still need a RB who can handle the load along with help pretty much everywhere on defense. I'd love to see David Baas fall to the 2nd round but we'll see how that works out. Another need is QB, we need a young QB that can come in and learn the system to take over in a couple of years.

The combine has started and the NFL network will be bringing more behind the scenes stuff that football junkies like me love. I can't wait to see the numbers Braylon busts out, they are going to be unreal. Also I hope that Marlin Jackson has a good showing and can move his way up the draft. Clarett supposedly put up 22 reps of 225 today but that hasn't been confirmed, just an internet rumor, but either way I'm interested to see what he's going to do because knowing Al Davis and the Raiders if he has a decent showing he's someone I can see them taking a gamble on in the 3rd round, hopefully they don't but it wouldn't surprise me.


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