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Monday, March 07, 2005

Big Weekend

Had a great weekend on all fronts, started on Friday hung out with a bunch of my boys I hadn't seen in a while, went to TGI with Jeff, Marcus, Nima and Noah and had a great beer the Sam Adams White Ale, definitely recommended. After hangin out there for a while we decide to have one of our old school card games and it was dope. The 5 of us and my brother came back to my house and played all our old games, in addition to Hold 'Em we played some Screw Your Neighbor, Guts, Challenge, fun times and we ended it at 4 am.

Woke up Saturday early since I had to go play golf with my parents and considering this was my 2nd round since mid-October wasn't a bad showing. Then with my mom going out with her friends my dad and I had a good dinner of sashimi and soju. Then we went home and dusted off a bottle of Chivas Special Reserve or something like that, all I know is that it was 21 years and tasted great. We watched a couple of boxing matches while we were drinking and then it was like 10:30 or 11 and I tried to get another poker game going but that failed so I ended up just passing out.

Slept forever on Sunday until about noon and then headed out to Best Buy real quick with Randy and BJ and picked up the ESPN 2k5 baseball game and the new 50. So far the 50 sounds whatever, nothing new, same old junk recycled, hope the 2nd half is better otherwise it's gonna be a waste of the $9.99 I bought it for. At least it came with a $20 off coupon to Foot Locker in it so that should come in handy.

Hell of a game by Carolina yesterday, what a way to end it with 11 straight to win by 2. Way to step up by Marvin Williams, a true freshman makin the rebound put back and 1 to seal the deal. Sean May was an absolute beast with his 26 points and 24 rebounds. It was a great game to watch as both teams played their hearts out, especially on the defensive end. The defense was unbelievable and I'm glad I was able to watch it. Selection Sunday is next week and although Michigan still has to wait another year I can't wait for it to all start.

With Illinois, Kentucky and Kansas all losing it was a big weekend for upsets. Illinois, although a very good team, I don't think can go all the way, I can see them in the Final Four but they haven't really played anyone tough this year considering the Big Ten is so down. They did beat Wake at home early but that's about it for their quality wins out of conference.

The Lakers look to be putting it together after back to back wins over Dallas and Indiana, unless this sort of improvement continues and the Lakers start putting some longer winning streaks together I still think this team is better off taking a lottery pick this year and getting some help, rather than sneaking in as the 8 seed and then getting beaten by San Antonio in 5 games. This is a very promising team and I think they can win a title with Kobe as the leader but Lamar has to step it up and we need some more help up front and could use a PG, I'd love to have Raymond Felton or Chris Paul helping us out, or if we could somehow get into the top spot and take Andrew Bogut from Utah, that would be a great lineup to have with Mihm, Bogut and Odom up front with Kobe and Chucky/Sasha.

Finally, great job Hockey for bringing home another CCHA Regular Season Championship, this is just the beginning, we should bring home an NC this year, Let's Go Blue!


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