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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

G Unit Beef

Morning has been busy as hell and doesn't look like it's gonna slow down. Well the news of the hip-hop world yesterday was that 50 said he's kickin The Game out of G-Unit. 50 needs to grow the fuck up. It was one thing as he was tryin to come up and startin shit with people but now that he's on top he's gotta keep fightin with everyone? Here's the line from the story

"50 announced that he was kicking The Game out of his G-Unit clique because of disloyalty — for refusing to take 50's side in his latest battles with high-profile rappers."
It says he's starting shit with Fat Joe, Nas and Jadakiss, it's retarded and it has to stop. The Game wouldn't support him in his beef because he's tight with Nas and Jadakiss and wasn't gonna turn on them so 50 got all upset and says he's throwing him out. There's no point in this, he's going out of his way to start shit, probably because he sees that The Game put out a hotter album than his and is worried. But I guess it's like they say you can take the boy out the hood but you can't take the hood out the homeboy. He still acts like he doesn't have anything so he's gonna try to bring other people down and it's unnecessary because there's a huge market out there for hip-hop so you don't have to go one way or the other and pick sides. I'm a give his new album a listen cause Disco Inferno was hot but Candy Shop is just stupid, more bullshit to feed to MTV.


  • for real homey...i think fifty has sand is vagina.
    i told phil the documentary will probably outsell the massacre...which is a C- album at best.
    i heard a radio interview this morning with fifty and he swore up and down the massacre was better than get rich.
    whatever the fuck ever.
    The game is too smart to start beef. as a new artist you dont need that shit.
    50 is cool and all but if he keeps makin enemies...it will be that much harder to solve his murder.


    By Blogger Gatlin Gunna, at 9:34 PM  

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