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Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Roundup

Plenty of stuff going on in the sports world the past couple days. I'll start with the horrible road trip by the Lakers. I was going to give this its own post but decided against it because there's not much to say. The Lakers played terrible and just flat out got beat. They were in the games at halftime and just got blown out in the 3rd quarter. That is unacceptable. It's one thing when we were winning championships to get up for the good teams and play down to bad teams but right now every game matters for playoff seeding and we cannot afford to throw games away. Let's hope we can take care of business for this two game stretch at home against Orlando and Miami before the game at San Antonio next Wednesday.

There's a lot of talk about changes in the Michigan coaching staff as well as in our secondary. Rumors are all around about movement from DB and LB coaches to OC and OL as well. It will be interesting to see how everything shakes out. There is also talk of some members of the secondary that will not be returning next year as well. Which means come on down RoJo we've got immediate PT for you.

The big news of yesterday was David Beckham signing to play for the LA Galaxy. I love watching soccer when the World Cup is on or the Champions League but have never watched MLS. I think this will have some impact but not as big as the MLS would like to believe it will. It does generate more interest for soccer in the U.S. but unless the rest of MLS becomes better it won't do much. Sure I may go check out a game at Home Depot Center now because of this but I don't think it will take the place of baseball during the summer for me. Granted I still think that NASCAR is stupid and don't see how watching cars drive 500 laps around an oval is any fun to watch so I may be wrong.

The Dodgers announced new seating in the Right Field Pavillion that will be all you can eat. Unfortunately it won't include beer, only hot dogs, nachos, peanuts and soft drinks. It sounds like a good idea at first but when you think about it, it isn't. It will cost $35 pre sale or $40 on the day of the game to sit there. These are the second cheapest tickets in the ballpark usually that ran $8 a piece last season if I remember correctly. So take out $8 and you're charging $27 or $32 for all you can eat ballpark food. For some it may be worth it but for most it won't. Say you get a hot dog, nacho and a soft drink that still doesn't add up to $27. Some people will probably fall for it but most I think won't. The seats aren't that great, you could take the same money buy a better seat and still eat a good amount at Dodger Stadium. This is a mistake by Dodger management, I think the better way to go about this would have been to use some premium seats to entice fans with good seats and all you can eat food. The food is not enough to offset the bad seats. I'll probably end up going to one game with this promotion and then come back home so sick of hot dogs and nachos that I'll never want to eat them again.

Jersey list updated again, now up to 67 with the additions of a Kobe Bryant Road 24 Authentic and a Vince Young Alternate Authentic

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