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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I was ready to write about the disappointment of the weekend from the Lakers as they blew not one but two home games that they should have won, both in overtime. About how the Lakers continue to play down to the level of their competition and blow games they shouldn't (Friday night versus Charlotte) or how pathetic it was in allowing all the offensive rebounds to keep San Antonio in the game on Sunday or how after finally getting Lamar Odom back after his knee injury that night we end up losing Luke Walton for a week or two. But instead as I'm about to write all this up I see the headline flash on ESPN.com Bryant suspended one game for hitting Ginobli.

Anyone that watched the game, even Spurs fans will tell you this was not an offense worthy of a suspension. I cannot believe the league is trying to pull this garbage. For those that did not watch I'll reset the scene for you. Game tied 2.7 seconds left Lakers ball. Inbounded to Kobe who does a pump fake to get by Bruce Bowen and then as he's about to shoot Ginobli comes from behind and blocks the shot. Kobe on his follow through ends up hitting Ginobli in the face who is behind him, unintentionally. I don't understand how the league can deem an unintentional hit to the face warrants a suspension. There are numerous other incidents across the league nightly that are more worthy of a suspension than this but the league singles out Kobe and pulls this crap. I don't know what else to say.

Onto some more positive news is the stretch run of recruiting. Ronald Johnson is back from his Florida visit and will be making his decision known on Sunday at his church. Things still look positive for the Maize and Blue and I feel good about our chances here, let's hope thingis hold up the way they should. The surprise of the weekend was the rumors that Donovan Warren from Long Beach Poly was considering making another visit out to Michigan this week. Unfortunately he wasn't able to get a flight to do so but the fact that he was thinking about making the trip is a very good sign. I'm still doubtful that we get his signature but the chances have definitely increased. LB Poly is a feeder school to USC just like Glenville is to Ohio State so stealing Warren would be HUGE, especially considering our need for CB's. I had written him off early but I'll be keeping an eye out with some hope, he's rumored to announce on Thursday.

The basketball team lost on the road again and now faces Iowa this week. I consider this a must win before the team travels to Ohio State next week. We must take care of business at home to have any chance at making the NCAA's, something that many fans have already given up hope on but I'm an eternal optimist when it comes to our basketball program. I've been saying next year is the year every year since I first got there in 1999 and I have yet to see an NCAA berth. I'm still holding out hoping we can do it.

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