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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ryan Mallett Impressive in U.S. Army All American Game

It completely slipped my mind that the U.S. Army All-American Game was on TV on Saturday so I forgot to set my DVR before I had to get to work. After the game I got a call from one of my friends who watched it and was so hyped up about Mallett coming in and said I need to get a copy of this game somehow because he looked so good. It was very good to hear but I tried not to get too ahead of myself as it was just an exhibition game. Then I spoke with one of my USC friends about it and even he raved about Mallett so I knew this was the real deal. For those like me who weren't able to watch it, the Michigan Zone has a video up of Mallett's highlights.

It's great to know he's already enrolled and started classes this week. Now the question is do we redshirt Mallett or does he immediately come in and become the backup to Henne so he can get some game action in this season before he takes over in 08? I have heard arguments on both sides and it does make sense to get him some time in this year so he can get his feet wet so I am leaning towards that way. As my friend said "It doesn't matter because if you redshirt him he might be gone after 3 years anyways." We can only hope he produces as much as the hype that he's bringing along with him.

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