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Westsider Rider

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So you're tellin me there's a chance!

I knew better than to put my hopes on this team but I did anyways, as long as a Michigan team is playing I will always be behind them. They didn't let me down this time as they picked up a big W against Michigan State last night. With the game tipping off at 4 pm on the west coast and still being at work I followed along on gamecast. The only highlight I was able to see was the Jerret Smith to Brent Petway alley oop which was the #1 play on Sportscenter last night.

So now we head into the last game of the regular season with all that I could have asked for considering the 4 game losing streak. A chance. A chance to play Ohio State and finally get the marquee win that this program desperately needs. A chance to make our case for an NCAA Tournament berth. Sure many have given up on TA and this team but I still will believe until the clock hits 0:00 on Saturday. For all the years I have followed this team I won't give up, I'm a sucker like that. Ohio State can be had, I do not believe they are the #1 team in the country, I would definitely take UCLA or North Carolina ahead of them in a game. With the Big Ten wrapped up who knows what team will show up on the floor for them, especially with a team as young as they are. So whoever is out at Crisler on Saturday make all the noise you can, give this team as much help as possible and let's see Michigan walk out with a victory. Let's Go Blue!



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