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Monday, May 08, 2006

What a difference a week makes

Amazing how 7 days can completely change everything. Last Sunday was one of, if not the most amazing game I had ever seen, much less been there in person. The Lakers held a "commanding" 3-1 lead over Phoenix and everyone was looking forward to the Hallway Series between the Lakers and the Clippers. But after all I've been through as a sports fan I never get ahead of myself and I knew it would be difficult to close out the Suns and what do you know the Lakers never got it done.

I took the Game 6 loss extremely hard and I now why I felt more at ease about Game 7 than Game 6 because I knew once we had lost Game 6 I checked out. I knew there was no way this team could win a Game 7 on the road and my thoughts were definitely supported by that piss poor showing on Saturday night. No one showed up to play except for Kobe but even he needs help against a team like the Suns. A lot of people are pointing to Kobe only scoring one point in the second half and taking 3 shots but it makes sense to me, especially considering his explanation during the post game press conference. He knows that he can't beat a team like the Suns by himself in the 2nd half. Toronto showed he can, they were down 15 at the half to them the night he scored 81 if you don't remember, but a team like Phoenix he can't do that and he knew he needed some support from his teammates. Had he just tried to take over and hoisted another 35-40 shots and ended up with 50 the results would have still been the same except he would have taken a beating in the media.

Now it's on to the offseason. Granted had you told me before the series started the Lakers would take it to a Game 7 I would have gladly taken it because I honestly expected this series to go 5 games. The team played great during the first 4 games of the series and played terribly the rest of the way. Everyone came together for those games and the team looked unbelievable but that's about as good as this team could be. I started to think about how maybe some offseason moves might not be necessary since the team is playing so well but that is definitely not the case. Definitely need help at the PG position there is no way that Smush can cut it. Help up front is necessary as well since Kwame Brown cannot catch a pass to save his life. He is becoming more of a contributor but I don't know if I can handle watching him drop passes left and right for another season. I'm sure there will be moves made to help this team and hopefully there will be some big changes in store.

Now that my NBA season is over, I have a hard time watching other teams play in the playoffs but I'll probably occasionally watch, I'll have to find some other sports to direct my attention to. I got some help on that late last night when it was announced that Ekpe Udoh signed his Letter of Intent to play basketball for Michigan next season. MGoBlog has more. There were rumors coming out late last week that something was brewing with a potential basketball commitment and it's good to know that we won't have to sweat out a commitment since he's already signed. Granted it's not the big name that we're looking for but I think it's a very good pickup, especially at this stage of the year. Eric Boateng is in Ann Arbor for his visit today as well, we'll see how that turns out. He is a transfer so he would have to sit out a year but he was a top 100 player and was signed by Duke so would be a good pickup as well, we will have to wait and see.


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