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Thursday, April 27, 2006

What's up in South Central?

Well I was going to start talking about all the problems in South Central at USC but work at month end has held me up and during the time I was waiting The M Zone already has some stuff up on it, also the Wizard of Odds has a more in-depth look at the Reggie Bush situation as well as more details on the Sanchez story. I guess Mark "Dirty" Sanchez is living up to his name. My boy Earl has said he refuses to read my site now because of the constant USC bashing so I might as well keep it up. I wish I had more time to get into it but I don't. Just know that it definitely shows why I can't stand U$C and somewhere out there I'm laughing at all this. Especially considering Earl himself said "we're slowly becoming the miami of the west god damn it," I won't rub it in anymore. I'll get to the great Lakers victory either later tonight or tomorrow. But until then you can enjoy Kobe posterizing Nash as he tried take a flop:


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