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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Need to finish them off tonight

Just because it makes me happy:

Tonight is Game 5 in Phoenix and I cannot wait. I really want to just close the series out tonight even though I have tickets to Game 6. There are some improvements that we must make though for that to happen because if the Lakers play like they did on Sunday it will not get the job done.

First defense must be improved against Nash, too many times is he allowed to just drive right by our PG and take an easy layup. I know Phil doesn't like to double team, much less a PG as dangerous as Nash since he can easily find the open man but something must be done to slow him down. The other thing on defense is the switching on screens, I can see why the Lakers switch since any of the Suns can pull from outside and you want to prevent that but the problem lies when the switch occurs with one of the bigs and you get a mismatch inside which happened numerous times down the stretch on Sunday. Diaw would set the screen and then be matched up with Smush or Sasha for an easy bucket.

On offense we need to execute better, there were many times that the offense had no idea what to do and was left to throw up a prayer because the O wasn't running very well and some guys had no idea what the shot clock was at. The team must also go to Lamar more as he can take it to the basket at will when he posts up Shawn Marion. If we just don't forget about Lamar it should be ok as the rest of the team is playing well pounding inside where the Lakers definitely have an advantage. Kobe is distributing the ball extremely well and he will continue to do so in this series because that is what the gameplan calls for. If the team executes like I know they can and they did in Games 2 and 3 I see no reason why this team can't close the series out, unless Phoenix catches fire, which they can, from behind the arc but the Lakers have played great D throughout this series and I don't see that stopping.


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