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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Way to work fellas

Let's Go Smush just two more to go

The Lakers picked up another victory 99-92 over the Phoenix Suns to take a 2-1 lead in the first round playoff series. Unfortunately I was stuck at work all night, even though I had tickets to the game, but at least the Lakers picked up the W. Good thing is I have tickets to Sunday's game so I will be in attendance at that game. I wish I had some more analysis but I don't cause I only caught part of the replay before I had to get to bed since I'm writing this at work right now. The thing I can comment on is the great job that Coach Jackson this season as a team that many thought would not make the playoffs is now 2 games away from advancing past the first round.

NFL draft starts today in a few minutes and of course the big news is that Mario Williams will be drafted ahead of Reggie Bush as #1 overall. What I heard is that Reggie Bush's agent asked for so much money the Texans said forget it and just hung up the phone. There were rumors that the Saints at #2 could trade out of the spot but it looks like they're going to stay put and draft Reggie now. In other draft news, more bad news for USC and I love it, Lendale White has failed his drug test from the combine. I was thinking of live blogging while I was at work for the draft since there is so much time between picks but A. I don't have the readership to do something like that and B. related to that no one reads this site on weekends anyways, so I'll just end up doing my post draft analysis later in the day periodically or might just wait until Sunday or Monday for the draft.


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