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Friday, May 05, 2006

When did Tim Thomas become Reggie Miller?

I don't even know where to begin about last night. The first thing is where the fuck did this version of Tim Thomas come from? He got cut from the Bulls and now he's one of the biggest reasons the Suns are still alive in the playoffs. It's ridiculous how well he's shooting this series over 50% from behind the arc. I had a bad feeling about yesterday going into the game and it didn't get any better when the Suns came out shooting lights out. Even though they had cooled down and we had a 7 point lead after the first quarter I didn't like where we were headed as we were giving up too many points. The one important trend in this series has been when the Lakers have won they have won by scoring 99 points while every Suns win they have scored over 107 points. Also the team that has led at halftime as won every game, except Game 4 which was tied at the half.

The Lakers cannot fight fire with fire against Phoenix, this was part of my fear last night that Kobe would end up getting his since Bell was out but still take the loss. It's not like everyone else, minus Smush, played that bad, the problem is on the defensive side of the ball. There are so many things that went wrong down the stretch and it's extremely frustrating seeing the same sort of stagnant offense we saw at times during the regular season where the ball is passed around no one else knows what to do and then they either get it to Kobe who has to throw something up or try to do something themselves which badly misses.

I could start talking about how bad the officiating was, but that's something that must be overcome as everyone deals with bad calls, or how bad Smush played, horribly. But the main thing is defense and I hope that the guys can get their shit together and defend better tomorrow night. One other thing is Kwame Brown and his lack of being able to catch passes in the post. It's ridiculous that he still cannot catch a ball cleanly, my solution for this problem is to have him workout football style with the JUGS machine, I think that's what they're called, except have basketballs shot to him quickly at all different sorts of angles to teach him how to catch a quick pass.

I met up real quick with Nate Jones from Jones on the NBA after the game and he mentioned something to me that was definitely true but I hadn't thought of it at the time because I was so caught up in the moment. The Lakers needed to foul the Suns when they were up 3 and send them to the line where at worst the Lakers would still have had a one point lead. I don't know if that's something Coach Jackson doesn't agree with maybe that's why he didn't instruct his team to do so. The other thing that's been bugging me is the last play at regulation there had to be a better play drawn up. Kobe settles too often for the jumper and especially in situations like that he needs to try to go the rack more, like LeBron did on Wednesday night because there was no one there to stop him. Instead Kobe tried to shoot a jumper over two guys going to his left which is not very good. He should've taken it to the rim and ended it in regulation.

That's enough talk about last night's game, I've been depressed ever since the game ended and don't see this ending until tomorrow night to hopefully get this bad taste out of my mouth. I haven't had a loss hurt this bad in a long time, but I guess it's good in a sense that I'm expecting better from this team now. Had you told me before the series started that the Lakers would take it to Game 7 I definitely would have taken it since I didn't think this team could win the series but now that they've shown they can it will be extremely devastating if they blow this 3-1 lead and lose the series. But for some unknown reason I feel much more confident about Game 7 in Phoenix than I did about Game 6 in LA. Let's hope I'm right and get trashed tomorrow night, although that will happen regardless of the outcome it just depends if the drinking will be celebration drinking or depression drinking. I'm rooting for celebration drinking.


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