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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Damn, not what we were looking for

The Lakers got beat badly last night in a close out game, same type of problems the old Lakers had in closing out series as the Suns just housed the Lakers. Phoenix got off to a hot start, the Lakers were able to come back and were in the game for most of the first half until they let the last 2 minutes or so of the first half become the Boris Diaw Free Throw Show. The Suns pushed their lead to 9 and headed into halftime. The second half brought more of the same as the Lakers defense was bad and combined with the Suns good shooting allowed them to pull away.

Kwame Brown played a good game while he was on the floor, but he got into early foul trouble and could not stay on the court. The Suns were able to score pretty much at will and rebounding was another factor with the Lakers winning the total rebounding margin by 1 but the Suns were +7 in offensive rebounds which cannot happen as the Suns are too good of an offensive team to be giving 2nd and 3rd shot opportunities to. The turnover margin was atrocious as well as the Lakers had 10 more TO's than Phoenix. These things cannot happen again tomorrow if the Lakers want to win, hopefully being back at home will settle them down.

The Suns took care of their home court and got the W they needed now the Lakers must do the same and close out the series tomorrow night at Staples because I don't know if this young team could handle a Game 7. I am definitely worried about this series still, I used to be the most optimistic Lakers fan but I think my years as a Michigan fan are rubbing off on me since I'm constantly worried about blowing leads. I will be there tomorrow night screaming my head off and hope to see the Lakers close it out.

In Michigan recruiting news, the Wolverines received a commitment from Martell Webb a big 6'5" 210 lb WR/TE who most are saying will be converted to TE. He states that he's being recruited at WR but with all the other WR's we're after I doubt it. He said he received a call from Ryan Mallett as well so it's starting to pay dividends already. I think this year's class will be a great one and it's just getting started.


  • Well that sucked. They had a golden opportunity at the end to just give up a 2 and protect against a 3, and blew it. They can win Saturday but a lot will have to go right. Who knows, maybe Raja Bell being back will throw the Suns off a little.

    By Blogger Aaron, at 5:22 AM  

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