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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

That's what I'm talkin about

Another rough couple days at work so I haven't had a chance to update, I'm actually still at work now it's pretty ridiculous. The Lakers picked up a big 111-100 win over the Warriors, which combined with the Queens loss puts the Lakers up to 7th with 3 games to play. Once again Lamar Odom had a very good game, this time putting up his first career triple double with the Lakers. He is playing great ball of late and if this continues the Lakers will be able to do something in the playoffs. The supporting cast is starting to step up big time, seen by Smush Parker's 18 and Kwame Brown's 15 and 15. The Lakers were able to build up a big enough lead that Kobe didn't have to play the 4th. The more impressive thing about last night was that the Lakers made their huge run to pull away without Kobe scoring as he only had one point in the 2nd half.

Which leads me to my point of which why I believe Kobe Bryant is the league MVP this season. Sure I am somewhat biased in my beliefs but I am also realistic in that I really hope I'm wrong but I don't think Kobe will win. Much like I believed that Vince Young deserved the Heisman but wouldn't win, I think the same with Kobe because I don't believe there is a more valuable player in the NBA than Kobe. Without Kobe I don't believe the Lakers would win 25 games. Night in, night out he is the focal point of the opposing defenses yet he still puts up 30+ a night, with his average at 35 points this year, it's amazing that we think to ourselves that when Kobe "only" puts up 30 he's had an off night.

A big thing I like to look at it how would that players team do without that player on their team? You take Steve Nash off the Suns they still have Shawn Marion and a supporting cast, take Dirk off the Mavs and you still have a good nucleus, take Chauncey Billups off the Pistons you still have 3 all stars. You don't have that luxury with the Lakers. The team that they put on the floor without Kobe just isn't that good. But many voters will take a look at wins and losses, which to a certain extent is necessary, but not the major factor that voters take into account. You take all 3 MVP candidates that I mentioned earlier off their respective teams and those teams are still playoff bound. A Kobe-less Lakers team is going to try their luck with the ping pong balls come May. I understand a lot of people hate Kobe but you can't deny the man's talents. He should be the MVP of the league this year but, unfortunately, I don't think it'll happen, but that's just my opinion which is what makes sports so interesting as we're all able to debate the merits of our opinions at all times. Granted I'm on the extreme end of the spectrum of sports fans but sometimes I wonder what I would do without sports.


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