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Monday, April 10, 2006


After an extremely rough week me and a bunch of my friends got crunked up at Earl, BJ and Dave's Birthday party up in LA. Normally I'm not one to frequent those types of places but I make exceptions for birthdays so off I went. It must've been a good time because half of the people there don't remember what the hell happened and I barely remember what went down.

So as I spent Sunday recovering from Saturday night I ended up just laying around watching sports all day, not like I wouldn't do that anyways. I woke up late to the news that Phil Mickelson was leading Fred Couples by a stroke at the Masters which was great to hear. Fred Couples was my favorite golfer growing up and I was definitely excited to see him get a chance at winning. He's the reason I wanted to buy Lynx clubs when I started to play. But it wasn't to be as Phil ended up holding everyone off and picked up his 2nd green jacket.

After that ended I waited around for the Lakers-Clippers game to start. Since the Lakers blew their 2 1/2 game lead over the Queens for the 7th spot in the West, every game is critical now as they fight to get the 7th seed. The Lakers picked up an important win over the Clippers and kept pace with the Queens who beat the Rockets last night as well. Both teams have 4 games to play but the Lakers are technically one game behind, although they have identical records, because Sacramento has the tiebreaker. Lamar Odom played a great game, playing aggressive when he needed to and stepped up as he needed to. He's been playing very good ball of late and the Lakers definitely need him to keep it up if they want to make any noise in the playoffs. The moment of the night though came near the end of the game with the Lakers having a good lead but another basket would've definitely sealed it and Kobe drained a three while Sam Cassell was guarding him. After which he wound up and slapped Cassell on the ass as in saying "nice try Sam." My friends and I saw this and had a good laugh about it and I got to thinking and it's just like Kobe's commercial says, Hate me or love me for the same reasons. Myself along with all other Lakers fans thought it was great but I know for all the Lakers and Kobe Haters it just added fuel to the fire about why they hate Kobe.

Spring Football is starting to wrap up around the country as a lot of teams had their spring game this past weekend. Michigan is holding theirs this Saturday so hopefully I'll read/hear about some good reports from the game. I wish we would televise our game like other programs have started doing but I doubt that will ever happen.


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