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Friday, April 07, 2006

I really need a drink

Shits been crazy around work so much so that I said "I need a drink" at 10 am yesterday, that kind of day and I'm still here at this hour on Friday night with plenty to do so this post will be short. Nothing new on the Alex Legion front, although his mom thinks he's still looking at Michigan as #1 but he doesn't live with his mom so who knows. Similar talk came out of the Joe Crawford family when he initially de-committed so I'm not taking much stock in it.

The Lakers dropped a game to the Nuggets in OT. I missed most of the game but caught the very end when Luke Walton threw up the shot for the win, granted Kobe was covered but I would've liked someone else to try that shot. That puts the Lakers only one game ahead of Sacramento for the 7th spot in the West and with the Grizzlies 3 1/2 games ahead in 6th it's pretty much done that the Lakers will have to face Phoenix or San Antonio/Dallas in the first round which isn't something to look forward to. Kobe had his usual game while Lamar played ok and the Lakers received another very good game from Kwame Brown with 15 points and 13 rebounds but Smush Parker was off last night. I'd expect if Kobe, Lamar and Kwame play like that the Lakers get some easy W's but it wasn't the case. Let's see if they can get something done tonight in a very likely playoff preview against the Suns.


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