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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

That wasn't cool

I had written half of my post originally before my browser shut down on me and I had nothing saved, that sucked. Hopefully this conveys as much as I wanted to initially. It wasn't a very good night last night considering I was still stuck at work, UCLA got beat badly and because of that I lost everything I bet on last night, even the under. I was ready to launch into a tirade immediately following the game but knew that would be no use, Florida was the better team and played a great game, how they played it on the other hand is another story.

Even when I was growing up I never liked Florida, I don't know why I can't pinpoint a certain reason like I can with most of the other schools I hate, I just didn't like them. Add that to the fact that I think Joakim Noah is a douchebag and you can see I now hate Florida. Don't get me wrong they are a great team and my hats off to them for playing as good of a game I've seen this tournament but I just don't like them. Noah gets away with too much and gets too much respect. I also can't stand the way he carries himself as the first time I really saw him this tournament was against Villanova when he started off the game screaming 3 minutes into the game and arguing with the officials. The Gators could have held the ball to run more clock but instead they had to run up the score with slam dunks, guess they're all the same down in Gainesville no matter the sport.

No one from the Bruins showed up to play except for Jordan Farmar. In the biggest game of the year, Afflalo and Mbah A Moute were non-factors and that killed any chances for the Bruins, Farmar can't carry the team by himself. Nonetheless it was a great year for the Bruins and they will be back next year with everyone minus Hollins and Bozeman and adding Shipp who was out for the year as well as Keefe and a Euro big, they should be an early favorite for the title, IMO although no one at ESPN thought so.

Florida is also loaded and young, but I think a lot of their players are bound to jump for the NBA considering the great performances they had during the tournament. I expect Noah and Brewer to leave and Horford may as well but we shall wait and see. This tournament has been a great try out for Noah and Tyrus Thomas who are now considered top 5 picks for the draft. So in closing, congratulations to the Florida Gators who played a great game, most of it is probably my bitterness still lingering from losing all my money yesterday.


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