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Friday, January 20, 2006

Just Frustrated

The Lakers blew another game they shouldn't have losing 118-109 in OT to the Suckramento Queens. I really don't want to talk about it too much again or I'll start getting just as mad as I was last night at the end of the game. Lakers have a 4 point lead with 32 seconds to play, obvious situation in which to run the clock out and just take as good of a shot as you can after winding it down, at worst you throw up a desperation shot and the Queens will get the ball with 7-8 seconds to play down 4 points right? I guess not if your name is Lamar Odom. Like a fucking idiot who's never played basketball before he startes to drive just as soon as he gets past halfcourt and gets called for an offensive foul with 22 seconds left. I could not believe myself, even when I played NJB in 5th grade I knew to run down the clock, much less the #4 overall pick and someone who gets paid millions of dollars to play the game and practice and study it all day.

The Lakers then give up a 3 to cut it to one, Kobe hits 2 FT's, puts it back up to 3, somehow Brad Miller makes a 3 and we're tied with 4.1 seconds left. We all know who's taking the last shot correct? Wrong again as Lamar "I shoot 30% from behind the arc but will continue to shoot from that distance all the time" Odom, takes a 3 himself without even giving the ball to Kobe and you could see the disgust in Kobe's face as he didn't get the ball. So another wasted effort by Kobe, but in OT I'll pin it on him because he threw up way too many terrible shots that were contested, good job by Francisco Garcia, and just bricked. But the game should not have gotten to that point if Lamar would have remembered some simple fundamental rules.

I've gotten so mad just talking about it again but finally I have something that will bring the smile back to my face. I finally found video from the Bynum-Shaq confrontation.


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