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Westsider Rider

Monday, November 21, 2005

Everything but the game, why is that the theme this year?

So for the second time this year I took the red eye from LAX and headed out to DTW to watch my beloved Wolverines take on one of their rivals. Once again I came back having a great time with my friends but disappointed due to our unsuccessful performance on the year. I'll have my thoughts on the game later as I'm still trying to gather all my thoughts on it.

Flying in on Saturday morning was met by the guys at 610 all wide awake and watching the 100th Game on DVD. Quite impressive considering it was still 6 am. Just hung out with everyone around there while still trying to get some rest and eventually headed out towards the game. Went to Revelli to watch the drumline perform before the game but I am never doing it again. It is dope and all but I am now 0-2 when I do so, never watched it while I was in school and I lived right there on S. Division so I'm convinced that's what cost us both losses this year.

Post Game went to BW3's to catch the Penn State-Michigan State game and have a couple beers. Steven was so tired at this point, he barely slept on the plane and didn't sleep at all before the game, he just hit the wall and shut down. Went back to the house to change and head to Rick's but he just crashed. Got early to Rick's so we wouldn't have to deal with the big crowd and just started drinkin and watching football. Eventually everyone else started showing up and drank more, pretty much the story of the night. Until out of nowhere Steven showed up. For those of y'all that know my brother, he is a rock when he sleeps and will not get up for anything but he miraculously woke up and somehow found Rick's, and considering he's never been to Ann Arbor, I couldn't believe it. Because of this we had to drink more and it was all good. Watched the end of the Miami-Georgia Tech game and then caught the USC-Fresno State game, as much as I hate USC, as anyone that knows me does, and as much as I wanted them to lose, it was just unbelievable to watch Reggie Bush singlehandedly win the game. The other news of the night at Rick's was that Derek Jeter showed up for the 2nd night in a row. Granted whenever I see an athlete or other celebrity, even if I don't like them that much, I will go up and say hi or try to get an autograph because I collect way too much random memorabilia. But I was so into the USC-Fresno State game that I really didn't care and just sat there and watched the whole game, while Lovi went to go say hi to him. After the game ended took Steven to Backroom for pizza and went and crashed.

Sunday morning woke up and headed again to BW3's to watch NFL for the early games. Steven, who for some unknown reason decided to become a Lions fan, was pumped to see the Lions and I was ready to watch the Raiders take on the Skins. At least the Raiders won and then said bye to all the guys we were watching the games with and headed to do some souvenir shopping, like I need anymore Michigan clothing but I did. Finally found what I was looking for and got it, the Tom Brady 2000 Michigan Orange Bowl Jersey with the patches and everything. I told myself I'm cutting down on jersey shopping but damn that shit looked so sweet I had to cop it.

So a great time for the weekend, minus the football and I need to get Steven to a win, he's now 0-3 at Michigan games, although those are the last two Rose Bowls and Saturday's game. Probably won't be getting out to AA again until next football season, if that, so I enjoyed the weekend as much as I could despite the play on the field.


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