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Friday, November 18, 2005

Here we go

Less than 24 hours to kickoff, actually 24 hours from now I will be ecstatic or depressed depending on the outcome of The Game. I don't know much else to say about it, it is the greatest rivalry in all of sports and I am fortunate enough for tomorrow to be my 7th consecutive time I will be attending the game. I have been thinking about this the entire week and now the time has almost come. I am exhausted from this week of work and its only going to get worse but it will be all worth it. I'll probably end up sick next week because of this but it will be all good. Once we hit the ground at DTW tomorrow the adrenaline will start flowing and I'll be all ready to go.

There's another new good Michigan site out there The M Zone, with a group of guys that contribute to the site. Right now they've got discussion going on their favorite Michigan-Ohio State games here and here.

Lost in amid all the talk and hype of The Game is the opening of the Michigan Basketball season tonight against Central Michigan along with the HUGE commitment of Class of 2007 SG Alex Legion. This is another big time commitment Coach Amaker has gotten within the state and its great to see the in-state kids wanting to stay and play for the Maize and Blue again. This year should be the year we start getting back to where we were on the hardwood and that will only attract more talent to Ann Arbor.

In addition to being a huge weekend on the field, it is off the field as well as numerous top recruits are coming into town this weekend for the game. Although our recruiting hasn't been up to par so far this year, we can try to make up for it with a great showing this week. Some of these guys are longshots but at least they're coming for a visit and giving us a shot. Top 100 players including Percy Harvin, Tim Tebow, Greg Banks, Jai Eugene, Jim Barrie, Micah Johnson and Carlos Brown are all expected to be in town as well as some just outside the top 100, Thaddeus Gibson, Toryan Smith and Greg Mathews.

To finish off, this is from Collegefootballnews.com but posted on Foxsports.com regarding Michigan-Ohio State, which they name the #1 rivalry in college football:

Alabama-Auburn is meaner and Florida State-Miami has meant more, but no rivalry has a better combination of history, animosity and championship implications than Michigan vs. Ohio State.

How dominant have these two teams been in Big Ten play? Since 1913, the two teams have combined for all or part of 70 Big Ten titles and the have finished 1-2 in the standings 15 times since 1968. Everyone else, including the University of Chicago, has combined for 81 Big Ten titles. Michigan's all-time Big Ten winning percentage (not counting 2004) is .730; Ohio State's is .716. Number three? Illinois at .462. In other words, the showdown between these two has meant everything to the Big Ten race for almost a century.

After all the anticipation of this week, it's finally time. It's time for the team to put its mark on this season and bring it into the memory of the Michigan faithful. Sure we thought we would be playing for a Rose Bowl this year but it didn't happen but after all the shit that this team has gone through with the injuries and how we started this season we can make this one a memorable one. This team could have folded and gone down the drain, hell you can read my posts from earlier in the year, I had serious doubts if this team could make a bowl game this year but they have not stopped playing and for that I am proud. A lot of other teams in college football would have let this season go down the drain but we have not. To close the year with a 5 game winning streak and go into a pretty good bowl game would be a great stepping stone for next season. 60 minutes, 60 minutes on Saturday will help determine where this team can go down in the history of Michigan teams. It can be known as the team that was completely overrated and did not come close to meeting any expectations or it can be known as the season that almost slipped away but came fighting back and never gave up in beating Michigan State and Ohio State as underdogs. Some may say I'm overdoing it, which I probably am because of the emotion I'm feeling right now but I know if we beat Ohio State tomorrow this would be the furthest place I thought we would be when we fell to 3-3 and losing at home to Minnesota.

60 minutes, one mind, one heart, one team, just execute. Let's do it Boys! Go Blue!


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