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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Week 12 Poll

Getting caught up in Michigan-Ohio State week, I can't wait for the game but here's my Power 16 for this week:

1. USC - just another walk in the park since Ayoob is terrible, have two decent tests in front of them in Fresno State and UCLA and I can hope they'll lose but they won't.

2. Texas - just rippin it still, looks like they'll be joining SC at the Rose Bowl and make it back to back trips to Pasadena, too bad we couldn't hold up our end of the bargain.

3. Miami - Wake fought with them for a while but probably the post Va Tech hangover, is ready to jump in case a miracle happens up top.

4. LSU - the Bayou Bengals pull out the win in Tuscaloosa, really kicking themselves for blowing that game against Tennessee.

5. Virginia Tech - still have a shot at a BCS bid with a good showing against UVA.

6. Penn State - one win to the BCS, who would've that that coming into the season.

7. Alabama - although the loss hurt, most likely they weren't going to the Rose Bowl, can still have an argument for the BCS with a win in the Iron Bowl.

8. Notre Dame - pretty much a lock for the BCS which is a shame, if Va Tech and Alabama win out one of them will get screwed.

9. Ohio State - Buckeyes are rolling putting up points never seen before in the Tressel era, hopefully we'll put a stop to that this week.

10. Auburn - impressive win between the hedges, didn't think they could do it but they continue to surprise and Kenny Irons is a beast.

11. Georgia - a rough one to lose on Saturday night, maybe Paul Oliver should have just let him score to give Shockley a chance.

12. UCLA - bounced back after the ridiculous beating they took. Drew Olson is playing unbelievable football and my boy Marcedes Lewis is the man.

13. West Virginia - can't see anyone else to put here, haven't had a chance to see them and it is the Big East but I guess we'll wait to see them against South Florida in the game that could determine the Big East BCS bid.

14. Oregon - still not very impressed with this team, yes they only have one loss to USC but when I see them I just don't see what's so great about them, especially in going down to the wire against Wazzu, gotta give them credit though for hanging tough after losing Clemens.

15. Fresno State - the first step in between SC and the Rose Bowl, Pat Hill has wanted this game for years, he'll get it finally and we'll see if he's right about this team being one of his best ever.

16. Michigan - yeah it might be a homer pick, but I really can't justify putting TCU over us or any other school. We've rebounded after the horrible start and with two weeks off for Mike Hart hopefully he can lead us to a win over the Buckeyes. If by some miracle Sparty knocks off Penn State, The Game will determine the Big Ten BCS bid and after starting 3-3 that was the last thing on my mind.


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