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Monday, November 14, 2005

Now only two remain...

For the people like me who can't stand the BCS and want there to be change in college football Saturday was the end, for this season at least, barring a collapse by either one of the top two teams coming into the season. Chances are it could happen considering never in the history of the BCS have the top 2 teams gone wire to wire but this year seems like the year the streak will end. I can still hope that either Fresno State or UCLA will knock off USC, but I doubt it will happen. Maybe Texas A&M could upset Texas to cause a frenzy among the 1 loss teams but can't expect that either. I don't know where I'm going with this but all I know is I want a playoff within the structure of the bowl system but I doubt I'll ever see that in my lifetime.

Great weekend of games as usual as the SEC was upset city with the lower ranking team winning a lot of those games in that conference. Steve Spurrier was able to defeat his old squad and LSU knocked Alabama from the rank of the unbeatens. The best game was the Auburn-Georgia game though, for those that did not watch it you missed out. An unbelievable game, made that much better by being broadcast in HD, the one good thing about the CBS SEC game is that it is always broadcast in HD, if only ABC would start doing it as well.


  • Nothing personal, Kenny, but to hear you imply your sports fandom really won't be complete without a playoff makes me think college football isn't really your favorite sport, deep down. College football is about emotion, tradition, bragging rights, arguments over who REALLY should have been #1, etc. -- not playoff seedings and at-large bids and December Madness and N.C. State getting REAL HOT to walk off with the title at the end of an otherwise lackluster year.

    Frankly, I think things were better in the old days, pre-puberty, when every bowl just ran around and tried to sign ATTRACTIVE matchups. You never had to yawn through Utah creaming Pittsburgh on New Year's in those days...matter of fact, I liked EVERY game being on New Year's when I was little, and you could flip channels all day and night. That just created more incentive to have a good matchup, because CBS had to have something good to go up against ABC in the same time slot.

    Everything went to hell because the bowl games got TOO competitive and tried to sign teams before the season was over, leading to a memorable disaster when Virginia was #1 at 8-0, signed with the Sugar Bowl, then lost four straight and dropped out of the rankings. All they needed to do was ban teams from cutting deals until December 5th or whatever, but they overreacted and gave us this series of half-measures which satisfies nobody.

    Another great thing about college football, even in the current BCS limbo, is that your team has a chance to have a great year even without winning the national championship. It was a great year of redemption for Navarre and Perry in 2003 -- winning ALL the big rivalry games, winning the conference undisputed, winning on the road, winning from behind, all the things people thought Michigan wouldn't do. If there had been a playoff, it wouldn't have mattered so much, because Michigan would have figured on getting into the playoff anyway. Then most of our reaction to the season would ride on the postseason, which chances are would have ended with a loss anyway, leaving us frustrated at a chance at a championship missed.

    Even better example was 1999, when Tom Brady led multiple comeback wins culminating in the Orange Bowl over Alabama. Michigan ended the season with a New Year's win over another legendary program on a quintessentially glamorous stage. Far better than losing in the second round of a playoff.

    By Blogger mayday, at 4:57 PM  

  • I hear your point and that's the view of my brother as well. For a while I used to be completely in the playoff boat but now I'm turning back more towards the bowl system because you are right, the bowls are what makes college football so special. The regular season "is the playoff" as many people like to argue.

    It's just I would like to see it played on the field. Granted maybe not a full fledge playoff like I used to want but something in between. I think a large reason for my wanting a playoff is because I think it would help Michigan in that we would be in the hunt more often and could win an NC or two because it seems we always lose to bad teams we shouldn't early on and then roll through the end of the year when we could compete with anybody. Case and point the 1999 season with Tom Brady, if there was a playoff at that point I think we could've taken it.

    I wish there was some happy medium but I can't think of one at this point. But I am leaning more back towards to let's just go to the old school way, New Years Day Big Ten-Pac 10 and let all the other stuff play out, it's a MNC like it used to be and a bunch of schools can make claims at it. I remember after 97 I had arguments with people at my school since some were saying that Nebraska would've beaten Michigan, which they totally wouldn't have.

    By Blogger Kenny, at 7:55 PM  

  • Hahaha. That was such an easy argument to win that year, Michigan had played such tougher competition than Nebraska and blown many of them out of the water. They had the greatest defense I've ever seen in college, with the possible exception of Oklahoma with Roy Williams, took on all comers. They embarrassed Colorado, MSU, Wisconsin, and Penn State, the last three all on the road. Nebraska only got a sympathy vote for their coach who was beloved for having "gone for the win" and lost an almost certain MNC in 1984, and barely escaped from Missouri with a win...and this was before Missouri had Gary Pinkel and became even as good as the chronic tease they are now. Aaaaah, it feels good to trot out all those debating points...that's what I mean about having memorable arguments.

    By Blogger mayday, at 12:11 PM  

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