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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Week 11 Poll

A big weekend in college football as the number of unbeatens dropped from 5 to 3 and now USC and Texas are the big leaders heading down the stretch.

1. USC - just dominated Stanford from start to finish. As much as I hate them it is very impressive what they are doing.

2. Texas - another impressive showing although it was against Baylor, still think they will give USC a hell of a game.

3. Miami - yes they do have one loss but that was very early in the year but that D is so nasty and there aren't many teams I would pick against them right now.

4. Alabama - their D is stifiling but still have questions about their O, they can answer those in the next two weeks with LSU and Auburn, man I love watching SEC football.

5. Georgia - still think if Shockley was healthy they would be undefeated, a very good team on both sides and with him back I don't think they lose again this year although Auburn will try to have a say in that this week.

6. Virginia Tech - did not think Miami could just dominate like that but I still believe they are better than any other team not in my top 5.

7. LSU - that blown game to Tennessee is coming back to haunt them right now, can make a big statement by winning at Alabama.

8. Notre Dame - good win even though Tennessee is really bad this year, as much as I hate to admit it, Zbikowski is a stud.

9. Penn State - dominated Wisconsin as expected, I highly doubt they will lose to Sparty next week but I can hope.

10. Ohio State - have a tough road to close with Northwestern and the Big One but they are capable of doing it.

11. Florida State - just a sick D, too bad Drew Weatherford did one of the best Chris Rix impersonations ever.

12. Auburn - rolling since the early loss to Georgia Tech, Kenny Irons is very underrated.

13. Florida - Vandy? I repeat, Vandy?

14. UCLA - I figured those slow starts would come back to haunt them but not in that way, if they're not careful it could be another late season Bruin collapse.

15. Oregon - still not impressed with them, I give more credit to Ayoob for getting them the win.

16. Fresno State - had one close loss to Oregon and are playing very well. Two huge weeks for Pat Hill and Co as Boise State comes to town and then he gets his shot at the big boys of USC.


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