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Monday, November 07, 2005

Gettin Crunk

Great weekend, my first whole weekend off in three weeks and it was awesome. I unfortunately woke up early on Saturday on Michigan's bye week and couldn't go back to sleep so I watched the Iowa-Northwestern game, which ended up being a pretty good game. After this I was going to the store to pick up as much booze as possible. Then watched Penn State destroy Wisconsin, as I expected and watched in shock as UCLA was getting housed like no other. I thought their close games could come back to haunt them but definitely didn't expect anything like that. Headed over to get the keg afterwards and watched the rest of the Miami-Virginia Tech game, definitely didn't expect that and started boozing it up.

Then as people started showing up I started drinking more and the rest of the night is really hazy which was the goal. Had a great time, got fucked up and don't remember much else. Thanks for all that came by and celebrated, a few days early, my birthday, I was hoping not to pass out as early as I did but when taking shots of vodka in dixie cups it will hit you at the end.
There are some pictures on Andy's site.

Sunday consisted of doing laundry and nothing else. Watched football had some Portillo's and watched the Lakers game while drinking some more. Chris Mihm, welcome back could you do that once every 3 games? That's all we ask of you, hell even once every 4 games, stop teasing us with these double doubles only to fall off the face of the earth for the next month following. Smush Parker is the shit, I might have to go buy a Parker jersey. Finally Kobe Bryant is a stud, just unbelievable, that is all.


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