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Monday, November 07, 2005

Here we go

Michigan had its bye week so there's not much to report from the football front. It came at a good time as we have a lot of players dinged up and the week of rest was probably very good. I am in the camp that says we should not risk any additional injury and should rest Lamarr Woodley and Mike Hart for Ohio State. Some may not agree with me but I'd bet that most would. We definitely need those guys to take on the stupid fucknuts and I can't wait for that game coming up in two weeks.

Basketball had an exhibition against Grand Valley State, had a huge let, let it almost slip away and won only by 8 points. It was very sloppy as there were over 20 turnovers but since it's the first game it's to be expected. Even though I've been saying this for years, my roommate from Michigan James could tell you that I have said it every year since he has known me but this is the year we make it back. I will be absolutely crushed if we do not. The talent is in place and these guys are now experienced I expect to not only make the tourney this year but at least win a game if not two. This team is talented enough to make the Sweet 16 hopefully someone at Michigan can overachieve for once.

The hockey team swept Notre Dame as they should have and are holding tight as the #3 team in the country. Expectations for Michigan Hockey are always very high and it doesn't matter if Montoya and Tambellini left early, every Michigan Hockey team should always be in the hunt for the National Championship and maybe we can bring home another one this year.

To close, there are two weekends left in the Big Ten and there are 5 teams still in the mix. Penn State has the edge with its throttling of Wisconsin followed by Ohio State who also only has one loss in conference play. Then there's Wisconsin, Michigan and Northwestern with two losses. As much as people say we don't deserve to play in a BCS game this year or we would get killed by another BCS team I want to play in one regardless every year so for all the Michigan fans who probably already know the scenarios needed to get to the BCS here it is anyways.

1. Michigan must win out their last two games (obviously)

2. Wisconsin must lose their game to Iowa this week.

3. Penn State must lose to Michigan State next week.

And there you have it the 3 step plan to Michigan's bid to the BCS. Sure it's not very likely but I will hold on to any hope I can cling to at this point of this disappointing season.

Huge games on tap this week in the SEC with Alabama taking on LSU and Georgia playing Auburn, only in the SEC can you have games like this week in and week out, it is awesome as a college football fan to watch these games. I want to eventually at some point of my life take a road trip to the big time SEC stadiums to watch games, especially the Cocktail party and the Iron Bowl. Saturday is just a few days away, time for the stretch run and Michigan to hopefully get at least a piece of their 3rd straight Big Ten Title.


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