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Westsider Rider

Monday, October 10, 2005

When will this nightmare end?

I don't even know where to begin with what transpired over the weekend. Once again we kept a team around that shouldn't have been and it came to bite us in the ass. We score a TD at the end of the first half only to allow Minnesota to drive down THROWING the ball and score one right before the end of the half to cut the lead to 3. The inability of our D to stop the run and most importantly constantly having to kick FG's instead of scoring TD's in the red zone. I have never been so frustrated watching Michigan football and the sad thing is I don't see it ending anytime soon. Our program is in the dark ages as no one will make adjustments and we definitely do not use our talent to its fullest. Until changes are made up top this will not change. Even if we do not make a bowl game, a possibility that becomes more and more likely by the day nothing will happen, maybe an assistant coach or two will be let go but nothing else will take place of substance that will change our program for the better. I feel like I'm in some Twilight zone parallel universe where everything is the same except college football is just not going the way it should for me. Bring back every traditional power but throw Michigan in the shitter.

After the game I went to my room and just sat there while my friends were all waiting for me to come back out so we could head off to the Rose Bowl for the UCLA - California game. For some reason and I'm not afraid to admit it, I just lost it again and started crying. To some people it's just a game and they don't understand it. Some people jump on and off the bandwagon as they please and don't really care when they lose I on the otherhand fall into that category of people on this planet that have their life revolve around their football team. It used to be Michigan and the Raiders but once I got to college it just transferred over to Michigan and that's it, I still watch the Raiders and am happy to see them do good and get upset when they lose but when Michigan loses, which is far too often for a program of our stature and talent I just lose it. I eventually composed myself and headed out to the Rose Bowl to which I was treated to an amazing game but it still did nothing for me. The rest of the night, which was supposed to be a great time as it was a mini-reunion with my friends from high school just turned into me at a bar in a seat drinking and thinking to myself what has gone wrong with this team and this program? On top of that everyone I talk to knows since I am the resident Michigan fan, what's happened and I have to try to give them a decent response without going off into a tirade. This season is lost and no one else can deny that. This team has 3 losses, two in conference play and honestly wouldn't surprise me if we only won the Indiana game the rest of the year to finish 4-7. But one thing will stay true this weekend. I will be up in the Bay Area this weekend but I will be watching the Michigan - Penn State game cheering my ass off for this team because that's what I do and will always do until the day that I die cause I am a Wolverine for Life and no one will ever take that away from me.


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