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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Week 6 Poll

1. USC - still unbeaten but there are chinks in the armor, like Rocky's trainer said against Drago "See he's not a machine!"

2. Texas - can't decide whether they will keep this spot over Virginia Tech but Vince Young was a machine against Missouri, let's see if they can finally beat Oklahoma for once.

3. Virginia Tech - won easily at West Virginia, not the easiest thing to do but Marcus Vick looking better and better.

4. Georgia - I like them but not sold on them as much but we will see this week as they travel to Knoxville.

5. Alabama - the high riser of the week, impressive win over Florida, figured they had a shot but not quite like that.

6. Ohio St. - DNP, get the resurgent Nittany Lions this week on the road, let's see how they handle a game away from the Horseshoe.

7. Florida St. - still winning and Weatherford is starting to make people believe.

8. Tennessee - impressive comeback win against LSU, now they get Georgia at home but how will Clausen fare now with his injury?

9. Miami - somewhat sloppy performance versus USF but a solid win nonetheless.

10. California - Golden Bears shutout the Wildcats, Marshawn Lynch comes back with a solid performance, now their first test of the year in Pasadena.

11. Notre Dame - did not expect them to handle Purdue so easily, looking very good and turning me into a believe, get the week off before they welcome USC and Charlie's chance to really become God in South Bend.

12. Penn State - another high riser, unbelievable job by the D to hold Maroney to only 48 yards on 16 carries, get the true test of the season upcoming as they welcome Ohio State followed by a trip to the Big House.

13. LSU - dominated the first half vs Tennessee then decided to stop playing, Les Miles is trying to do his best Lloyd Carr imitation, he needs to stop.

14. UCLA - ugly, ugly win over Washington but at least it was a win, caught looking ahead to the matchup with Cal this week.

15. Florida - just manhandled by Alabama, maybe ND fans are happy that Urban Meyer turned them down.

16. Wisconsin - it was only Indiana but they're still unbeaten and going strong, they do not play Ohio St this year so they have that going for them.

Dropped out Arizona St (good effort but just blew it), Michigan State (cannot lose a game like that and say they're ready for the big time) and Minnesota (bye bye Laurence Maroney for Heisman). On the watch list are Texas Tech and Boston College.


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