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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Surprise, Surprise

After all the talk about this offseason revamping for the Lakers not much has happened aside from the Kwame Brown trade. The rumors of KG coming , we all knew were too good to be true but it was fun dreaming about it for a while, have passed and now what? There is still the Sprewell talk, there is also discussion of possibly Jason Kapono or Michael Doleac but nothing has happened yet and Vlade's option runs out on Friday and that must be traded otherwise its a big waste. Some have talked Sprewell and Olowokandi but I highly doubt that will occur. Hopefully Bynum can contribute more than expected and Kwame is re-energized with his change of scenery but those are all wait and see answers. All I know is I have my tickets for opening night versus the Suns and I can't wait to see this new version of the Lake Show in action. It may be a disappointing year for all my sports teams, Michigan, Dodgers, Raiders but I've got hope in my Lakers and it would be great if they could get something started again.

In other news Antwine Perez has committed to USC, after hearing from many people I figured this would happen as USC is the flavor of the last 2-3 years and for some reason we have yet to win a recruiting battle with them, even in cases like this where distance is our advantage to Perez, a New Jersey kid but SC has had success there with Jarrett and Cushing the past few years. That leaves Michigan extremely thin at the secondary still, after all the talk early about not having to worry about filling the two safety spots, one was by Steve Brown but we have gotten a big goose egg on the remaining big targets, Taylor Mays, Perez both to USC and Jonas Mouton who most expect to go to Nebraska since his girlfriend has been offered a scholarship to there as well for basketball I believe. The down year we are having probably is not aiding in any of our recruiting efforts and it must be stopped now. It can be done on Saturday with a win at East Lansing but from what I have seen from this team this year I am not holding my breath. I would gladly eat crow if they proved me wrong on Saturday and I definitely hope they do.


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