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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Absolutely Disgusted

What a way to ruin a weekend. I have been working late almost every day even had to go in on Saturday and then took off right before the game started and I don't know what else there is to say. All the other Michigan fans out there have probably said it five times already and I won't rehash those things but there are some points that I want to make. First what the hell was Carr doing not paying attention to the clock and kicking the FG with 9 seconds to play? Apparently on Michigan Replay he said he was not informed that the clock was being reset and made the call assuming that 6 seconds were left in the half. That is an absolute crock of shit. How the fuck does the coach not know what the hell is going on? He could have looked up at the scoreboard and seen the 9 seconds sitting there and taken one more shot at the end zone. Another thing is why the hell are the opposing teams gunners allowed a free path to Breaston during punt returns? They don't even put a hand on them and because of that Breaston has no room to make any moves. Speaking of which, Breaston has to be one of the biggest disappointments of the year. He has yet to become the deep threat which he was supposed to or even the punt return specialist we have seen before. He is slightly banged up but who isn't, and luckily Mario Manningham has stepped up and made me look like I know what I'm talking about this year since he was the one I picked to become the #3 WR by the end of the season. This is an absolute disgrace what has happened this year and it's going to get worse before it gets better. The schedule doesn't help us out any starting with the trip this Saturday to East Lansing. I fully expect the sparties to blow us out and if we finished 7-4 this year I would be surprised. I don't expect this team to win in East Lansing, at Iowa or beat Ohio State which would put us at 6-5. Hopefully they will prove me wrong and make me eat crow but the way we look this season I doubt it. If Penn State or Minnesota come in and play a good game they could beat us and end our consecutive bowl streak. But nothing will change until there is a change up at the top. Coach Carr and his staff is nowhere near the elite staff that people make them out to be. Without the National Championship that Coach Moeller's players brought in he wouldn't have such a free pass. My title says it all from Saturday, I was absolutely disgusted, there is no way that game should have been even close at the end, it should have been finished in the first half. It amazes me that we cannot gain 1 yard to score a TD, the second time this year and because of such inadequacies we are the mediocre team you see before you today. I'll have my weekly top 16 poll up a little later today.


  • to be fair, iowa is actually looking worse than we are right now. we should have (coulda shoulda woulda) won in madison, so i think there is still hope in iowa city. spartans and buckeyes, on the other hand... i can't believe i would actually be not devastated at this point if UM finished 8-4 (with a bowl win, thank you very much - my kingdom for a bowl win)

    By Blogger Andrew, at 2:31 PM  

  • Iowa may look worse than us at this point but knowing how this staff will approach the game they will allow Iowa to stay close in the game and steal it away from us in the 4th. I agree with you, I can't believe I would ever imagine being somewhat satisfied with an 8-4 season. As long as USC doesn't get 2 1/2 championships in a row and I have to hear from these "fans" out here that couldn't tell you a single player on their team not named Leinart or Bush how great they are.

    By Blogger Kenny, at 2:54 PM  

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