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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Post of the Day

For those that have stumbled upon my site through the college football blogging community, mainly Mgoblog, you'll probably have already seen this post but for those who haven't I had to link it. From one of the best out there EDSBS which stands for Everyday Should Be Saturday comes a story that all sports bettors and fans can relate too. I thought I had my rough days in sports but I'd have to say this one definitely takes the cake.

It'd be funny if I had something close to that but the only stories with me would involve the ones which Michigan has a decent lead, blows it at the end and I end up going home crying like a baby in the fetal position only to hit the bottle that night and cry some more before I pass out. With that said Minnesota is coming to town this weekend and for once they did not have to wait until Michigan week to ruin their undefeated season and talk of "this is the year we take back the jug and win the Big Ten and head to the Rose Bowl" while hoping that Maroney and Barber would Biakabatize which they almost did twice. I'm not too worried about this game as many are and being the fan and not the player am more looking forward to the matchup with Penn St next week. Our D is stepping up better than I expected, although it still has a lot of work to be done, I don't expect Maroney to shred us for a 200+ game which he would need for Minnesota to compete. If we can somewhat contain Maroney we should be fine since Cupito doesn't scare me and I think we can put enough points up on the board since Mike Hart is back. Harts return coupled with the weakness of the Minnesota secondary as the loss of Brandon "I am Michael Robinson's Bitch" Owens doesn't help, will allow us to hit our WR's downfield most notably Super Mario Manningham who has now emerged as our deep threat that we have been missing this year.

As always there are great games on Saturday that I cannot wait to see and since I've lost all my money in my Sportsbook account betting football not even halfway through the season I'll post some picks for the big games and my advice is to bet against me considering I am one of the worst sports gamblers out there.

Texas (-14) vs. Oklahoma

Yes Bob Stoops owns Mack Brown and yes Oklahoma has won the past 5 but this is the year Mack gets it done again. Texas is too good to lose this game against Oklahoma and I fully expect them to win big. Oklahoma is in a load of trouble as their O Line is non-existent, Adrian Peterson is running on one leg and Rhett Bomar although progressing is still nowhere near the QB he needs to be to beat Texas. Vince Young refuses to let this Texas team lose and he becoming even more scary as Happy Gilmore would say "Uh-oh, Vince learned how to pass."

Georgia (+3) at Tennessee

Rick Clausen is in a boot, I have believed all along that Tennessee was extremely overrated which I was ready to claim in my ballot a week back until Les Miles pulled his best Lloyd Carr impression. I believe D.J. Shockley is ready to play the game of his career as he has been waiting for this opportunity while sitting behind David Greene. The Dawgs haven't looked great the past few weeks but they should be ready for this game and I expect them to win a close one.

UCLA (NL) vs. California

This is a game I will be attending this weekend and it will be a great one as two of the remaining twelve unbeaten teams in the country matchup at the Rose Bowl. This is a game I've been debating through the week as at first I thought Cal would roll considering UCLA's atrocious performance versus Washington last week but the more I looked at it I think it's going to come down to the ability of Joseph "the White Michael Vick" Ayoob to pass the ball downfield. Cal has not had to pass that much due to the dominance of Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett but they haven't played a D like UCLA's. Granted Adrian Peterson was somewhat banged up but they still did a great job against him a few weeks ago and like most teams playing a really bad team they were looking ahead to the matchup with Cal. I think it will be close as the UCLA D will stop Cal when they need a game tying drive late in the game.

Ohio State (-3) at Penn State

Penn State has enjoyed a resurgence this year as they've re-entered the top 25 for the first time in quite a long time. They shut down Laurence Maroney's Heisman campaign last week and Michael Robinson found himself a new bitch in Brandon Owens while Derrick Williams ran wild on reverses as he ranfor two TD's. This newfound offense will have their toughest test to date against the stout Ohio State D. Michael Robinson must do his best Vince Young impression except Robinson is nowhere close to where Young is at now. I expect Ohio State to easily win this game as I don't believe Penn State is that good yet. They are on their way back but a year or two away from competing with the top of the Big Ten again.

Texas Tech (-4.5) at Nebraska

Both teams have yet to play real competition and I don't think Nebraska is back yet as well. Everybody wants to know if either of these teams are for real but I don't think this matchup will show anything since I believe both teams are overrated. Nebraska's "big" win was against a very suspect Iowa State team and I believe Texas Tech will put up a lot of points again, not quite the 70 they put up last year but I think they will win comfortably.

So there you have it, like I stated earlier and most of my friends know, take the opposite of what I pick but as you know even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.


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