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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Wow over 500 for once

Well what do you know the first weekend I don't bet on college football and I post picks I'm actually more right than wrong. I hit on Texas, UCLA and Georgia, while Texas Tech didn't cover and I was way off on Penn State but nobody's perfect.

After I watched in horror the end of the Michigan game headed up to the Rose Bowl with the group of people I got my mini plan for UCLA with but since we had Mike and Richie come along we had my brother and his friends drive separately so we could hang out with Brad in Pasadena afterwards, turned out to be not that great of an idea since some stupid bitch rear ended Steven and they barely made it to the game on time. Since I was so distraught with the Michigan game as soon as I parked at the Golf Course I immediately started downing the beers, and got pretty drunk pretty quick since it was about 8 I downed within an hour and a half span and headed into the Rose Bowl.

It's still pitiful to see that they cannot sell out the Rose Bowl for a matchup between two unbeatens in the top 20 but that's how LA is a bandwagon town and at least it was respectable as 84,000+ showed up, unlike that Oklahoma game earlier in the year. Although he hasn't done as much running the ball this year, a troubling development, it was still the Maurice Jones-Drew show. 299 yards all purpose with 5 TD's is just ridiculous, think of those fantasy numbers! I still stand by my statement that he is the most underrated player in the country. He may be small and he may not be the fastest but he makes plays. I'll take him on my team any day, he knows what it takes to win (the streak at De La Salle), and is just flat out a football player.

Coming into the game I thought that it would come down to Ayoob having to make plays since I didn't expect Lynch/Forsett to run at will against the LA defense, turns out the running part was wrong. But when it came down to it Ayoob made a terrible decision, as I expected him to some point in the game, and it sealed the deal for UCLA. It was a big win for LA but still there are many questions that must be answered before they meet up with USC late in the year. If Forsett/Lynch can run for 300+ on them what will the Bush/White combo do? What is wrong with the running game as Jones-Drew has now only rushed for 99 yards in the past two games? Hopefully those will be answered in time for the showdown at the Coliseum.

UCLA has had starts like this in the past and collapsed down the stretch but I don't think it happens this year. Dorrell has a great OC in Tom Cable that is doing a hell of a job and these Bruins know that they can compete with anyone, they took USC down to the wire last year and the kids believe they can do it. Drew Olson is an experienced QB that has now made 2 come from behind wins on the last drive in consecutive weeks and this is a confident team right now. That Arizona State game looked like a tough test but doesn't look as tough of a game as it did two weeks ago.

After the game went out to Pasadena with all the guys and had a couple drinks while I was still sulking in the wake of the Michigan loss, after we got home there was a debate over why I was a neutral fan during the game while my brother decided to become a full fledged Golden Bear. I was neutral because I like both teams and programs and definitely like certain players on each side (DeSean Jackson and Marshawn Lynch on Cal, Marcedes Lewis and Maurice Jones-Drew on UCLA). My brother rooted straight out for Cal because he says he feels they have a better chance of beating USC, with which I also agree with. That prompted my boy Mike, Cal Grad, to say then that I should have been rooting for Cal with him and my brother. But that made no sense to me because this game and the Cal-USC game are two independent things. Mike thought that since I thought that Cal had a better shot to beat USC then I should root for them so they can play in the National Championship which is where it took another turn as I said I could care less if they play in the national championship. All I care about is those damn University of Spoiled Children Dirty Condoms losing a game or two, not because I don't like the team, Reggie Bush is one of my favorite players to watch and I love the WR's in Smith and Jarrett but if you know me there's one thing I can't stand and that's bandwagon fans which Los Angeles and namely USC now has a lot of. These people who don't know a damn thing about college football try to talk shit to me and it just pisses me off. Therefore I would root against almost anyone against USC just so these idiots who claim they have always been University of Second Choice fans since a long time ago can go climb back into the gutter they came from. Therefore even though it pains me to do so I am rooting for Touchdown Charlie and the Fighting Irish to beat USC this weekend, although I am rethinking that position currently considering the fact that ND is now becoming a recruiting machine with Charlie Weis and can only get better if they would beat the juggernaut that is the University of South Central. Michigan is having a tough time as it is with Lllloyd Carr at the helm as we continue to miss out on DB's (except Steve Brown) when we have plenty of playing time for any top flight DB to step in and play.

Sunday was typical Sunday as I watched some NFL but also on Friday two books I ordered on Amazon showed up one being The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King which is about the largest poker game ever played with Texas billionaire Andy Beal taking on the biggest poker players in the world including Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan among others, which I hope to start this weekend after I finish the first book I started which is Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer by Warren St. John. It chronicles St. John as he follows the Alabama football team one year and all the fans that follow along with them. I'm about halfway through it and I love it already as these people epitomize what I love about college football, the passion they have for the game and their team which is second to none. I mean I thought I was crazy but there's a story about a couple who missed their daughters wedding because it coincided with the Alabama-Tennessee game. I would never do that but that is because if I have a daughter she will not never to put a wedding on game day, which seems to make sense to me, if your parents are that big of fans don't do it on game day. There are probably people who think I'm crazy for that train of thought but that's how I am as well. I can't wait til I'm able to do that and follow around my team everywhere they go, although by the time I can hopefully we'll have a coaching staff that can actually produce with the talent they have.


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