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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Week 5 Poll

After all the stuff that happened over the weekend here is my newest poll. Michigan, Louisville, Georgia Tech are now out and replaced by MSU, Cal and Minnesota.

1. USC - the Ducks gave me some hope for a half, then I remembered Stanford '04.

2. Texas - still hanging on due to the big win in Columbus, but could be jumped soon by...

3. Virginia Tech - another one of my sleepers coming into the year, Beamer Ball aka Special Teams in full effect and they are impressive.

4. Florida - did what they were supposed to do to inferior opponents, will you please learn from this Coach Carr?

5. Georgia - haven't looked as impressive the past two weeks but still getting W's

6. Ohio State - absolutely dominated Iowa and I am definitely afraid of them coming up.

7. Florida State - DNP

8. Arizona State - took care of business versus the Beavers, their reward the next in line to try to derail the Trojans.

9. Miami - the Buffaloes no match without their recruiting escorts, next up the surging Bulls of South Florida.

10. Tennessee - I still think they're overrated and not that good but pulled out a gutsy win against a very good LSU team, QB controversy continues...

11. LSU - just blew a game it had in the bag, thought they had a chance to get to the Rose Bowl but not anymore.

12. Michigan State - sparties blow out the Illini in a game they normally lose coming off the win versus ND, I am expecting the worst on Saturday.

13. UCLA - they are the big winner due to all the losers, nothing to be learned from this week versus Washington but we will know next week versus Cal.

14. California - Marshawn Lynch is hurt, all good, everyone say hello to Justin Forsett.

15. Notre Dame - beat Washington as they should, feel good story of the year with the pass right for the kid who ended up dying before the game.

16. Minnesota - did not fold as they have in the past in a tough game, impressive win, if we can't stop Calhoun or Walker how the hell are we going to stop Maroney and Russell in two weeks?

On the outside looking in right now Alabama ( have yet to see them play) and Boston College (haven't seen much of them yet either).


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