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Monday, October 03, 2005

What a Weekend

After working so much this past week I was definitely looking forward to this weekend. There was the negative that my company golf tournament was somewhat overlapping with the Michigan-Michigan State game but I can't use the I've got a football game to watch excuse anymore so thankfully I have a DVR. I had to leave after the end of the 3rd quarter to head out to Riverside for golf but I got the updates as I was driving there. Golf was good, considering I hadn't played in months and my drives were decent, but my iron play was just atrocious. Still shot a 88 but nothing to be proud of. Afterwards it was on, we went to Sagan on Beach Blvd where we usually go for our company outings and just ate and drank a ton, while going back and forth from our table to the front of the restaurant where they were showing the highlights from the days action. Everyone else at the place probably thought me and my brother were insane for yelling and celebrating at all the highlights but I didn't care. After plenty of eating and drinking came home and drank some more while watching the end of the 4th quarter and OT, I'll have my full game thoughts up later. I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache but didn't matter as I did nothing yesterday except watch NFL and just be a vegetable on the couch which I definitely needed after the past week. So I'll have two decent weeks until month end again which will start picking up as its peak season now. It's getting to the best time of year for me, NBA starts along with College Football and pretty soon College Hoops so it's all good.


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