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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Week 7 Poll

Here we go:

1. USC - once again slept through the first half but still managed to win easily, wait they didn't cover though! Big test on Saturday having to head to South Bend.

2. Texas - Mack Brown finally beats Bob Stoops when it counts, with A&M looking like garbage their road to finish unbeaten looks even easier

3. Virginia Tech - allowed Marshall to hang around but still took care of business in the end.

4. Georgia - looking better and better and making me look at least halfway intelligent by keeping them this high when others dropped them for subpar performances after the Boise shellacking.

5. Alabama - DNP

6. Florida St. - with that D and Weatherford as a functional QB could be a collision course with Va Tech on Dec. 3rd

7. Miami - might as well have not played it was Duke.

8. Penn State - made me look like an idiot calling last week an easy Ohio St win, I still don't think they are all that great and although we look like garbage wouldn't surprise me if we pulled it out at the Big House.

9. Notre Dame - Touchdown Charlie gets his week off to prepare for USC, will see how for real they are on Saturday.

10. UCLA - huge win over Cal, 2nd week in a row Olson has led them on a late game winning drive, Maurice Jones-Drew movin up the charts for Heisman consideration, most underrated player in the country IMO.

11. LSU - had a tough time with Vandy early on before realizing this was still the same Vanderbilt team that has lost to MTSU 4 years in a row.

12. Ohio St. - not as good as advertised, maybe Ted Ginn isn't getting the same car trade in plan that Clarett was getting.

13. Florida - rebounded to take care of Mississippi State easy but Chris Leak still isn't showing much, maybe those writers knew something we didn't when they made Jay Cutler preseason All-SEC.

14. California - lost a close one they should have taken care of but special teams allowing Jones-Drew to run amok lost it for them. Also, Ayoob not quite yet ready to lead the team from behind.

15. Boston College- took care of UVA and luckily Kiwi is ok after that blatant cheap shot on him, Butler should be suspended for the rest of the season.

16. Texas Tech - beat an overrated Nebraska team on the road, although I think they might be as well they are still unbeaten and are ready to head to Austin in two weeks.

Dropped out: Tennessee (only team in the country that was more overrated than Michigan heading into this season) and Wisconsin (not very good either).

On the watch list: Louisville, Colorado, Auburn, Oregon.


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