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Friday, October 28, 2005

Way to go idiot

Well last night I had a couple Scoresby on the rocks and was just chillin and before I went to bed I had this great idea for a post today. I got to work finished most of the stuff I have to do in the morning and here I am, struggling to remember what was such a great idea last night that I completely forgot it. So there's a lot to discuss and it's just going to be all completely random.

Michigan takes on Northwestern this week and I think it shows you the confidence I have in our program when I am definitely afraid of this game. I'm still holding out hope that the ghost of Yost or Crisler can take over Coach Carr and his staff and maybe pull out a W for us tomorrow but I doubt it. This defense is just not good and Northwestern should have their way with us however they want probably through slow death by Tyrell Sutton. Granted Northwestern hasn't shown to have that great of defense this year but I have a better chance of scoring with Beyonce than we have of putting up the 45+ necessary to win in a shootout, although I am always glad to be proved wrong in these instances. This team was supposed to be extremely explosive this year on offense with the Henne and Hart combo returning but have yet to resemble anything close to what was expected. This O was the one that was to lead us back to Pasadena but thanks to LLLoyd ball that didn't work out.

Speaking of which there's been a lot of posts on the other Michigan blogs about how this team has made it so that we're not happy that we've won but that we're just relieved that we haven't lost. There's one here from Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars which sort of explains how I feel. Instead of celebrating the win, I just dwell on what we did wrong and how lucky we were to pull out the win, partly because I've become accustomed to losing games we shouldn't and barely winning when we should blow a team out which seems to have become the Michigan way. Last time we had a streak like this was in the mid-90's when people started saying the M in Michigan stood for mediocrity but then the greatest college football player ever came out and lead us to a National Championship but I don't see anyone like that in our near future the way our national reputation keeps taking hits left and right. I'll stop it here before I start getting more depressed and begin to cry uncontrollably at work.

Onto more happier Michigan topics, the hockey team is currently #1 in the country and coming off a tie with Michigan State last Saturday. They have yet to show any games on TV that I can get from my satellite so I can't really comment on it but I'll just say this makes me very happy and hopefully we can bring back another title to Ann Arbor since everyone but our Football team seems to be able to do it.

Basketball is around the corner too, College and Pro which also gets me very excited. The squad this year looks to make a good run, which is what I've been telling people for the past 5 years, which my old roommate James can attest to. Every single year I came into basketball season saying this is the year we turn the corner and make our way back but every year some shit happens and it never does. Please let this be the year, football has been a disappointment and it'd be nice if a team could be a surprise, especially one that I've put as much effort into as our basketball program. It's great to see the Maize Rage continue to get bigger and bigger and if you were around my freshman year you would be amazed at how bad the games used to be. If we can stay healthy for once I expect great things from this team, I believe in Coach Amaker and the players to restore the pride and tradition back to Michigan Basketball.

The NBA starts in less than a week and I am definitely pumped for that as well. I've got some great seats to the Home Opener next Thursday against the Suns and I cannot wait for the season to start. People hate on the Lakers all they want but when Phil and Kobe lead this team to a title in a few years that will definitely be the most satisfying one of all.

Jumaine Jones was traded for a future 2nd rounder the other day and although JJ was a decent player at times last year it's definitely a move that needed to be made. I like it for a few reasons, one we move out another 3 that we didn't need, two it gives us Charlotte's 2nd round pick which should be a pretty high one and third it allows us to keep another one of the younger kids since it opens up a roster spot, as mentioned before I expect Smush to make the team but this now opens up a spot for Devin Green or Tony Bobbitt possibly to make the squad now as well. There is also a rumor that Sasha will be going down to the NBDL which I definitely agree with because I think he sucks and he needs to show that he can actually play, I also think that Von Wafer should be sent down there as well. I think the Lakers will hover around 500 this year and make it in as around a 7 seed and get knocked out in the first round. This team still is not that good but I'd be more than glad to eat crow on this one. I hope Andrew Bynum can develop somewhat quickly and that Kwame Brown proves everyone wrong about his lack of game. This is my favorite time of the year as we get to the heart of college football and add in the NBA and then college basketball as well.

As always, Go Blue!


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