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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What a weekend

Update's been overdue but I was up north this past weekend followed by a bunch of work to do once I got back to the office so where to begin. Trip up north was good, hit up the bars on Friday night with James, Mike and some of his friends and crashed at James place since we had to stay in the city for Saturday morning and the Michigan game. Got to the game a little late but it didn't matter since for some unknown reason ABC decides to continually be run by a bunch of monkeys who kept showing the Texas Tech game even though they were up 30 or more with a few minutes left.

Like I said I love Michigan and I always will but due to our lack of success this year I decided to switch things up a bit. When I first got to Michigan I was extremely superstitious. This included exactly what I wore when I went to and watched games on TV. This included my Michigan Football shirt I bought when I was a freshman/sophomore in high school. My Jarrett Irons #37 jersey which I got my sophomore year of high school and then I had to wear the exact same shoes every time as well my Allen Iverson "The Question" sneakers. Somehow this evolved into some other things that I would never do such as drink the night before or during the game. Also not eating until after the game was done. Don't ask me how I picked those up I have no idea but it just kept rolling along. It didn't help during my sophomore year when my shoes of choice for the season were the And 1 shoes that had just came out that were laceless. During the summer I wore these without socks so that's how I started that season and it really hurt when at the end of November I was in the Horseshoe with shoes but no socks up in the top corner and freezing my toes off. The no food also hurt during my sophomore year when we played both Illinois and Northwestern in night games meaning I didn't eat until 9 pm or so.

Anyways, the whole point of that was I have a lot of superstitions but this year since nothing seems to work I decided to switch a lot of stuff up on Saturday. First I actually wore a hat and second I changed shirts this week and finally I had enough so I decided to have a beer or three during the game for the first time. At the bar we went to, the Michigan group was in the front corner and the middle had a bunch of Notre Dame fans so it was fun to see as everyone is cheering for their respective games. I stood in the back section so I could have a good view of multiple games.

Luckily we won so I was extremely happy afterwards and my Mario Manningham preseason prediction is making me look like a genius, well in my eyes anyways. It was great to win but there are still problems with this program which must be taken care of. The game should have been finished with the Leon Hall INT but instead of trying to score, for some bright reason Coach Carr decided he needed to make Penn State burn timeouts which doesn't matter as much in college since the clock stops at every first down. By continuing the conservative play calling the game was almost lost once Robinson scored the TD with less than a minute to play.

Mario Manningham burning Justin King was just sweet, for all the recruitniks like me it was even sweeter to see. For those that don't know Justin King was a very highly recruited CB from Pennsylvania. We were looking very good except that Justin's stepfather went to Penn State and in the end that won out. Super Mario deserves to take #1 next year or at least some other number because #86 just doesn't look right. Jamar Hornsby, a very highly regarded WR/S from Florida was in for his official visit and has stated that the coaches told him he could get #1 so if that's the case then who knows but Super Mario definitely has my vote for the jersey next year, NCAA Football 2006 already gave it to him.

After the celebration headed out to Kenny's place for our fantasy basketball draft as well as more drinking since it was Kenny's Birthday. While getting to Kenny's place I had my basketball folder out making picks with Mike as he was on the phone and I still had all my bags with me as well it was probably weird for people to see me walking down the street with two bags, holding a folder writing and checking off names while I'm yelling at Mike who to draft. Once at Kenny's place the draft was almost halfway done so we decided to cut it off for then to start drinking and also watch the end of the UCLA-Washington State game, the Bruins pulled off another late comeback win and kept their undefeated season alive. After that we played some poker and then went back to Mike's house to watch Sportscenter a few times for the highlights and then crashed to get ready for the Raiders on Sunday.

Got to Oakland to watch the Raiders take on the Chargers and we came up with some dope ass seats thanks to Craigs list, right on the 40 yard line. Although the Raiders got beat, again, it was fun going to the game and always great watching the Raiderettes. Afterwards hit up Everett & Jones, home of the best BBQ I have ever had, if you're up north you need to go get it, by far one of the best meals I have ever had. Came home on Sunday night to watch the last few minutes of the game again and just crashed. It's getting to end of the month so I don't have as much time to update as I would like to. Looks like we're open on Saturday too so there goes the morning games at least, gotta figure out someway to watch the game, maybe order the Gameplan online or something.


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