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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Picks of the week

Well after starting off my picks with a above 500 record lets see if I can keep it up so here are the games of note this week.

Ohio State (-6.5) vs. Michigan State

I was never sold on the Sparties and I expected Ohio State to be better and I expect they will this week since Stanton & co. come down to the Horseshoe. Michigan State hasn't faced a D like OSU and I think the Bucknuts will not allow Stanton to run wild. I expect the poisionous nuts to take the game with a defensive TD.

Oklahoma (-6) vs. Kansas

Granted Oklahoma stinks this year but Kansas? It's less than a TD against the Jayhawks which I expect the Sooners to easily handle. After getting run out of Dallas by the Longhorns I think the Sooners come back fired up and blow out the Jayhawks and make all their fans wish that basketball season could get here sooner.

Nebraska (-2) vs. Baylor

In another one of the what is wrong with the line picks, which makes me wonder what the hell does Vegas know that I don't, Nebraska is a 2 point favorite versus Baylor. Now I think Nebraska is not nearly as good as people are making them out to be but come on this is Baylor. Huskers roll easy.

Florida State (-7) vs. Virginia

Normally this is the point of the year where Virginia brings in an inflated undefeated record into the Florida State game and get trounced. Except for the fact this year they don't even have that cupcake 5-0 record to fall back on. Florida State looks extremely good up to this point of the year, I thought the win over Miami was just a fluke but they look like they are for real. Expect the Seminoles big over the Cavaliers.

LSU (-6) vs. Florida

Les Miles gets a chance to redeem himself after the Llloyd job he pulled a couple weeks ago versus Tennessee. I don't have anything to say except I just have this feeling that LSU will win. We'll see if I'm right.


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