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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Week 8 Poll

It was a tough decision up top but I still stuck with USC there as much as I hate to do it.

1. USC - lucky cheating bastards, I thought only Notre Dame got away with stuff like that at Notre Dame.

2. Texas - sure the Big XII is down but still impressive.

3. Virginia Tech - DNP

4. Georgia - not that impressive against Vandy but the teams behind them did nothing to make me drop them.

5. Alabama - barely pulled out the win in Oxford, doubt they can keep this up.

6. Miami - might as well have been a bye with Temple but they keep rolling along.

7. UCLA - wanted to bump them up but just could not after they fell behind Washington State by 21.

8. LSU - picked up the W versus Florida and that's all I can say, missed this one completely, not even highlights.

9. Notre Dame - should have won that game and as much as I thought they weren't that good when they beat us, they are, Coach Weis is doing his thing.

10. Florida State - I guess it's the curse of the year ending in 5 in Charlottesville.

11. Texas Tech - this is where the drop off begins, I don't think they're this good but there's no one else I could put here.

12. Penn State - come back to earth after their great start, will probably lose another game or two since Williams is gone for the year and Norwood is hurt as well.

13. Ohio State - if not for the sparties blunder at the end of the first half they probably lose this one, not nearly as impressive as initially thought.

14. Boston College - pulled off the comeback versus Wake Forest, no it wasn't basketball.

15. Oregon - can't find anyone else to put here, they've got their one loss to USC and getting W's, the best team outside of So Cal in the Pac 10.

16. Auburn - have put it back to gether after the season opening loss to Ga Tech.

Big Games to watch this week: Texas-Texas Tech, LSU - Auburn, Alabama - Tennessee


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