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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Week 9 Poll

Here we go finally the change up top, as good as USC's offense is their D is just not there, to allow that many points to Washington is just unacceptable. I used to be of the theory that you're #1 until you're beaten but Texas is just destroyin fools.

1. Texas - Vince Young has finally put it all together, this team is just nasty, unless the computers screw them I expect them in Pasadena.

2. USC - Reggie Bush, OMG what a stud. Still think this continually weakening defense will cost them a game somewhere along the line, maybe Cal, can't forget Fresno State lurking, Pat Hill has always wanted a game like this and he's got it.

3. Virginia Tech - Ron New Mexico looked shaky, with their upcoming SOS they could jump up but I don't think they can make it through their gauntlet unscathed.

4. Georgia - Losing DJ Shockley probably means goodbye to National Championship talk but who knows can Joe Tereshinski pull off a shocker?

5. Alabama - this D is ridiculous, and the O just makes enough plays to get by, they've got two functional DNP's upcoming but the ending schedule is just brutal.

6. UCLA - finally they start off decent and blow out a team they should have. The Drew and Drew combo of Olson and Maurice is putting up comparable numbers to the glamour kids of South Central.

7. Miami - everyone forgot about them after they lost to Florida State but they will have a big say down the stretch as they play Virginia Tech and possibly the ACC Championship.

8. LSU - their WR's are just awful dropping all those passes, lucky for them Jon Vaughn is even worse.

9. Notre Dame - the hangover was still evident early on but Brady Quinn is on fire and Maurice Stovall finally shows why I wanted Michigan to get him so bad when he was being recruited.

10. Florida State - it was Duke.

11. Penn St. - holy crap 63 points, in one game??? This isn't the same Penn St we've grown up watching.

12. Ohio St. - Indiana is slightly tougher this year but it's still Indiana.

13. Boston College - finally a Thursday night game that really matters, Sweet!

14. Oregon - still on a roll but losing Clemens for the year will hurt, we'll see how Dixon does as the full time starter.

15. Florida - the cocktail party awaits for Chris Leak's chance at redeeming himself to the Florida fanbase.

16. Northwestern - dismantled Sparty, couldn't they have scored one more TD to cover the over? I am very afraid of this upcoming Saturday night.


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