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Monday, October 24, 2005


Due to the amount of work I've had I can't seem to get over being sick for the past month and its really annoying. Didn't help that I had a full day on Saturday causing me to miss college football. I was planning on ordering Gameplan online to watch Michigan play but to spite me even more our internet connection was busted all day on Saturday so I was forced to call my brother 37 times at 9 am before he woke up and then proceeded to give me play by play on the phone for the 2nd half of the game.

Fortunately we got the W, but this team is going to give me a heart attack soon with all these close games. Jerome Jackson stepped up big time and it's players like him that I love about Michigan. When Hart, Grady and Martin took places on the depth chart ahead of him he didn't complain or even switch positions, he stuck it out at RB and he ended up being one of the heroes of the game. It was also great to see Pierre Woods and John Thompson step up when needed and can't forget about Jake Long coming back a few weeks early from his rehab, glad to have him back for the stretch run.

After working another ridiculous long week including Saturday, came home and watched the end of the LSU-Auburn game along with part of the UCLA-Oregon St. game. Then took a power nap as we waited for people to show up at my house, once Domski and Gladney came over we watched the Michigan game as we had all missed it since ABC west coast decided to show the UNLV-Utah game later in the afternoon instead, who are the idiots that run ABC that decide that people would actually watch that game? After watching the game started drinking and did that the whole night eventually hitting up some karaoke as well. Passed out since I was so exhausted and woke up to finally go eat some Pho. Spent Sunday just resting the whole day napping and watching football and the Lakers preseason game.

The Lakers looked better than we saw last time, Smush Parker had another good game, I expect we will keep him around and I also liked what I saw from Tony Bobbitt as he was hot shooting the ball, but not sure we will have roster space to keep him around. Kwame Brown showed flashes of being great at times and then also we were reminded of his shortcomings, especially when he got bitched by Emeka Okafor. I didn't really watch this game as in depth considering I was so tired and I was also flipping between it and the World Series.

So I sit here at 9pm on Monday night still at work and stuck here for another couple hours, debating on getting a PSP, which I am now leaning towards so I could use it here at work when I have some down time and I need to reward myself somewhat for working like this constantly. However the bad news of my constant sickness/work is my lack of being able to work out. In March I had lost 50 pounds since I started working out the previous June. Once I hit that 50 point which is halfway to my goal I decided to take a break, which I did by going to Vegas and and doing other fun stuff. Problem is I have constantly worked out until I moved to the warehouse a couple months ago and nothing else had changed. Granted it was good since I have been working out with a trainer along with my brother and I did lose 3% body fat but weight wise I am still the same and these are the frustrating times which have always doomed my continued road towards weight loss. I'm trying to gain control of it because I would be extremely pissed at myself if I once again lost a bunch of weight only to gain it back so I am trying to be more careful but being sick doesn't help since I feel like I need to eat to get better. Enough with that rant, hopefully I get out of work soon tonight and for those that haven't been to Jason Mulgrew's site or you can get the non-fancy version here, it is by far the funniest blog I have ever read, there are times I have to restrain myself from laughing outloud in the office. It's a site that I say that Alex King or Dennis Yoon could have had but they got lost along the way as both of them used to have great sites but have given up on posting anymore. Hope I can get better and live through these next two weeks because we have so much work I have no weekend this upcoming weekend so all of you going off to Halloween parties or Chicago for the Michigan-Northwestern game, I hate you all. Just remember if you're having a bad time "Hey, Kenny's actually still at work now, at least I'm not him" and have a laugh at my expense and I hope you feel better, assholes. Until next time Go Blue!


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