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Westsider Rider

Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Update

Another weekend that was too short, stayed in Friday since I had to work late and also get up early for the UCLA-Oklahoma game. Woke up early and headed up to the game, with so few people going to the game, only 54,000 or so it was real easy to get in and out of the golf course where we parked. Game was good, UCLA won pulling away at the end and then headed home for my dad's birthday. By the time I got home a lot of people were already there. I was energized the whole way home until I got home and then I finally got real tired. Ate dinner while flipping back and forth between the Florida-Tennessee and BC-FSU games and some of my friends and Steven's friends came over and we then started drinking after the games with everyone else that was there to celebrate my dad's birthday. Drank a good amount of Johnnie Walker Black Label until I was so exhausted I just had to crash. Funny moment of the weekend goes to Paul, who after waking up on Sunday runs into me and says to me in the voice of the kid on Malcolm in the Middle who is in the wheelchair and takes a breath between every word "Let's go... have...some pho." It was just too funny to hear it that way, grabbed some pho and watched NFL for a while. Finally got to the gym, haven't gone in a while and gained some weight back, need to really watch it since month end is coming up and I'm gonna be too busy to get to work out and came back home in time to watch the Raiders. It's amazing how similar my two favorite teams the Raiders and the Michigan Wolverines are. We have an offense that at times can look so good, but at times look so bad, and then the defenses are just awful. Giving up 3rd and long conversions so easily to the other team. Not surprisingly the Raiders lost. Watched the new Fox shows afterwards, thank goodness for DVR, Family Guy was hilarious as always. Gonna be a long week and we've got the Badgers coming up in Madison. I already know what's going to happen, we're going to look extremely good against Wisconsin giving me and the rest of the Wolverine Faithful hope for the season only to go into East Lansing and blow it again like we do almost every time we play up there. Hopefully I'm wrong but I doubt it.


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