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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Music Reviews for this week

Been pretty slow lately at work, but it's just the calm before the storm as the month end nears so here's some reviews. On Tuesday I was able to go grab some CD's so I went and bought the new DJ Quik - Trauma, Paul Wall - The People's Champ and Little Brother - The Minstrel Show. I've only listened to each CD once so this is just the preliminary review. I'm gonna start off with the DJ Quik, who is one of the most underrated artists out there today. He continually turns out hits but most people outside of California don't know who he is. The first single off of the album was "Fandango" which dropped a few months back featuring B-Real from Cypress Hill, although I'm not a big Cypress Hill fan this track was pretty tight as I love the beat on it. There's a track with Chingy on it that is real hot as well. I know most people think Chingy isn't all that great but on this track he drops a good verse. Overall it is a great album, one of the better ones I've listened to this year and I would definitely recommend anyone to go and get it, if you're a DJ Quik fan like I am, you're gonna love it.

Paul Wall was the next CD I listened to, as a bonus it came with 2 CD's for the price of 1. The 2nd CD being the Chopped and Screwed version of the album. So far I've listened to the album once and then listened to like 3 tracks of the Chopped and Screwed and took it out because I just don't get the appeal of Chopped and Screwed, maybe cause I'm not from Texas and I'm not sippin on the sizzurp but I just don't get it yet, not sure if I ever will. I got the album mainly because I thought "Sittin Sideways" was a decent song and on top of that Paul Wall's verse that he did on the Kanye West - Late Registration album was dope and I thought if he's got this potential he's got to show it on a few tracks on a CD. Well I was wrong, aside from the Kanye track which is on the CD, there were 1 maybe 2 songs I liked, one being "Girl" which takes some old school sample, probably the reason why I like it and some other track I can't recall at this point, probably meaning it wasn't that good to begin with. This is definitely a no buy in my book as I regret making the purchase. I'll give it another listen but I highly doubt I'll get into it. Just go download Girl and the track from the Kanye CD and that should be good.

Finally there's The Minstrel Show by Little Brother, who was strongly recommended by Straight Bangin so I decided to give it a listen since I'm always looking for new hip-hop to listen to. After my initial run through it is a very good album, I definitely recommend people give it a listen. It is also interesting to see how conscious they are of hip-hop today by naming their album the Minstrel Show, especially because I took a communications class in college and the professor related "Gangster Rap" to minstrel shows. At first I thought to myself there's no way they're related but looking deeper into I can see how the relation can be made. Many of these rappers are putting on an act so they can sell more records, having street cred is what helps sell CD's so these artists do it. The best example being Tupac, he wasn't the thug that was portrayed in the media, he had other objectives in life that he wanted to accomplish after he finished his contract at Death Row Records, he was becoming recognized as a great actor and he was ready to branch off to his own record label before his unfortunate death. I didn't get a chance to talk about it but Tuesday was the 9th anniversary of Tupac's passing and it's crazy to think that was 9 years ago. I remember I was in sophomore year in high school and I had just recently started listening to Pac. I saw "Two of Amerikaz Most Wanted" with Snoop Dogg on MTV and I loved it so I went out to buy All Eyez on Me, still one of my favorite albums of all time. Just as I was getting into his music he was shot and killed, to most people it was an afterthought but for me it was a sad day. But for his fans his legacy lives on and we will continue to remember him after his untimely death.


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