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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Week 2 Poll

Just the usual weekend, nothin special to report, had a good time just hangin out, watchin football and drinking with the guys and my dad and without further delay here is my poll for week 2 of the College Football season. I've decided to add one more team and make it 16 because I can only dream of the day that the NCAA wakes up and we have a playoff with 16 teams, although I'll take, 8 or 4.

1. USC – Dominated as they should against inferior competition, Reggie Bush’ dive was dope.

2. Texas – have no clue what happened but they put up a lot of points.

3. Georgia – biggest gainer of the week, after their losses on D, and their DC, who I forgot to mention in my preseason poll, they looked very good as did DJ Shockley

4. Virginia Tech – got the job done against a good NC State team.

5. LSU – DNP

6. Michigan – I’m very hesitant to move them up after such an awful performance but so many other teams played so bad they’re here by default. Henne and the offense played well, defense did not, very concerned about this weeks game.

7. Ohio State – didn’t get to watch much of it but the D looked very good, will there be a controversy between Zwick and Smith again?

8. Florida State – defense was very good, offense very bad, finally kicking game mistakes went against Miami for once.

9. Iowa – dominated Ball State like they should have.

10. Tennessee – I was not very high on them to begin with and now I know why, QB controversy brewing again here as well?

11. Florida – only caught a few plays so no comment

12. Miami – defense was very good, Kyle Wright looked very good at times as well, he will be a great QB for them.

13. Louisville – only saw the score vs Kentucky, expected them to win by more than just a TD

14. Georgia Tech – impressive in win at Auburn, people will know who Calvin Johnson is by the end of the year.

15. Arizona State – demolished Temple as they should have and get a break in getting LSU to Tempe this year, with all that’s going on in Louisiana, wouldn’t surprise me to see a win by ASU this week.

16. Notre Dame – The Weis is God bandwagon will gain more supporters now, hopefully our defense can put a stop to it.

Only two days until I’m out of here, finally going back to Michigan for the game, leaving on Thursday night will get to spend the whole weekend there, gonna be great. Go Blue!


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