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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Poll for Week 3

After all the events that happened over the weekend here is my poll for week 3:

1. USC - DNP

2. Texas - a great game vs. Ohio St., Vince has learned to pass meaning trouble for the rest of the country, if they keep this up I might just move them to #1.

3. Georgia - struggled with South Carolina but I still think they're the best of the 3-9 group which are almost all interchangeable IMO.

4. Virginia Tech - did what they were supposed to do.

5. LSU - another great game on Saturday night, didn't get to watch most of it until the end at the bar so my memory wasn't that great but they beat a very good ASU team that I expect will beat USC later this year so they get their due.

6. Florida - will see how Urban Meyer handles his big test this week.

7. Tennessee - still think they're overrated and Florida will handle them but I can't want to watch it.

8. Ohio State - the QB carousel cost them like I expected it would but the D played very well, giving many opportunities for the O to put the game away but couldn't.

9. Arizona State - should have won but didn't, Sam Keller looks very good and I really wish he didn't de-commit and go to ASU.

10. Florida State - struggling with the Citadel doesn't impress anyone, maybe Leon Washington really was intimidated by that Citadel player that talked trash on his Facebook.

11. Louisville - DNP

12. Miami - DNP

13. Notre Dame - extremely unimpressed with them, they will probably lose to MSU this week but I have to put them somewhere for beating two ranked teams on the road.

14. Georgia Tech - let down after the Auburn win just like last year except this year they didn't lose.

15. Michigan - this seems about right from the beginning I thought we were overrated, I was just in my optimistic mode which I always am in at the beginning of the season only to be crushed by a early season loss to an inferior opponent.

16. UCLA - this may seem high for some but this team has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and Coach Dorrell is getting it together out at Westwood. They haven't played the stiffest of competition but did have a strong showing at SDSU and beat Rice as they should at home. Considering how bad Oklahoma has looked this week isn't as big of a test as initially thought but the Bruins must stop the beast known as Adrian Peterson.

Just missed the cut California who struggled with Sacramento State and then with Joseph "White Michael Vick" Ayoob destroyed Washington as they should have, once they get a quality win I'll move them up.


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